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Does this theme include .po files?


Hi PontusLoefgren,

this site is not ready for multilingual interface. However I’m providing support if you want to translate core theme files (for free of course).

Great work!


Thanks MindaugasLT


I loved the ZigZag HTML template, this is going to be so much fun to work with :)

Must finish the Alternate project first though!


Thank’s Missweblash,

now, when ZigZagWP is released, AlternateWP update is near :)


Thanks Mattesque, glad you like it

love this…question can i add multiple galleries to this…or a gallery plug in? and i see it supports video in the slider..correct?


Hi agent8,

right now you can add only one portfolio (gallery) section to home page, but we’ll try to include multiple portfolios in next update.

Amazing delicate design. Love your themes!


Thanks Fireform, glad you like them all, we’ll make sure to keep it that way ;-)

Great work, good luck with sales!


Thanks Ntl0820 :-)

Can I create an external page, if I want? I must use a password protected page…


Hi fdez,

You can have single posts, and portfolio single items, but not pages.

All pages are shown on Home page (as sections)

This one really rocks, one of the best latest wp themes ;) good luck


Appreciate your comment, thanks :-)

Changing color/skin in demo not working for me (Mac) in Safari & Chrome, but does work in Firefox. Changing background pattern and layout does work, however.


Hi cbennison,

thank you for noticing this, we’re working on fix for this.

However, this is working from admin panel (in all browsers), so nothing to worry about.


It’s fixed now on Live preview. Please refresh.

I’ve just submitted updated theme, it will be approved soon…

Hey, this is really great. I’d like to see it priced at $35. I know single page themes get the $30 tag but this one is responsive and has a blog section and very customizable styles. Congrats on so many sales so fast!

jpelker Purchased

There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to edit the socialize header widget social media links. The instructions seemed to have missed explaining this feature.

Please confirm. Thanks!


The social media widget pulls from a post? Do you understand that all these posts show up in the site’s RSS feed? Using WordPress posts for non-blog posts are never a good way to solve out of the box design issues. A regular text widget with a special CSS class would be better, but a dedicated option in the theme admin would probably be best.

Also, for the header widget, I’ve never added a theme author’s custom javascript into a theme options page before. I can’t see a reason for that script not to be preprogrammed into the theme.


Hi jpelker,

thanks a lot, I think you have a point.

My idea is to use any social plugin for header widget. Adding a post there is just an example. To be honest, I’ve totally forgot about RSS feed :(

Adding extra javascript is just an example what could be done without editing template files. I’m getting a lots of emails from buyers where something needs to be done in javascript and I thought this is the easiest way.

I’ll create social media plugin for this area in next major update.

great theme, but one tiny problem…

changing google web fonts doesn’t seem to be working for me.

i’ve followed the instructions and copied the correct bits of code but the font just seems to be reverting to helvetica for some reason.

if you have time please can you advise?

many thanks!


Hi ajfenwick,

could you contact me via email form on our profile page. Please include URL , so I could see what seems to be a problem.


Thank you for noticing this.

Delete from css/style.css
font-family: 'Yanone Kaffeesatz', sans-serif;
You can find this in 2 places.

Thanks again and sorry for any inconveniences.

jonvdp Purchased

somehow the recap menu has dissapeared (where it’s written About

We like to make things for web, in fact we are little bit too obsessed. In fact we earn money whilst working on things we’re totally in love with. Admit, you’re jealous?) how can i put it back and change the text ?


Hi, you should go to About page and select YES for “Show title and text from excerpt on the beginning of this page”. Just insert some text into Excerpt field and it will be shown below the title.

Very nice template. May I ask how you’re getting the Google Map to show up on your contact page? Is this functionality included in the template or are you using a third-party plugin?


Hi PeteGould,

no third-party plugim (but it can be used). Just insert the code which you grab from Google Map into HTML editor.

i am loving the ZigZag Wp Theme. Are the branding/logo design icons clickable. I have watched the preview but can’t figure it out.


Hi solidbluemedia,

These icons aren’t clickable, but I’m planning to make them in next update.

Thank you. I will wait for the next update.


I’ve added link option into Icon Box shortcode, so now icon image is linked to custom URL . I didn’t submitted update yet, but if you want I could send you updated files.

Congratulations on the new theme.

I am new with WP and have a couple of questions. I followed your instructions to import the DEMO content and I am making modifications from that starting point.

1. I am missing the small “socialize with us” tab in the header. How can I add it back, and how do I modify the icons/links in that tab?

2. Is there any way to use fonts other than those included in the Googlefonts library?

3. Where is the CSS file located where I can change the font style for the header menu and section/page headers?

For reference, my site is located at:




Hi messydesign,

thanks for purchasing.

1) You can use some social plugin widget, or you can try “my way”. Create new post and add images and link yourself. If you’ve imported my XML there is Header widget post (uncategorized).

2) If you want to use any standard font, you should insert something like
font-family: arial, serif;
into Google Font Family option in Brankic Panel. ps: there is a small bug in css/style.css which you have to fix in order to have some other (than default Yanone Kaffeesatz) font. Delete from 2 places this line
font-family: 'Yanone Kaffeesatz', sans-serif;

3) Please use Google Chrome, or Firebug add-on for Firefox. Right click on element you want to change brings the Inspect Element option which tells you which line of which css file you have to edit.