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Hi, slider is not displaying at all. I tried to overwrite css rules but custom css doesn’t work. Please give some advices about how solving this. www.klesisdigital.com



i really don’t know what you did. It’s explained how to insert slider to specific section in help file…

Hi again!

Ignore the “When I try to update Brankic panel, it shows “No data received” on Chrome.” question, it’s been fixed! :-D

More questions:

- How do I reduce the gap between the various sections?

- How do I make it such that all blog posts display images of the same dimensions?

- Can blog post images be clickable?

- Can I have different color background for different sections? A “splitter”?

Thanks a bunch!!!

fefson Purchased

I updated from 1-4-5 to the latest. Everything looks fine except for the inline portfolio pages.they suddentky show a ‘no comments allowed’’. How can inremove this?


Hi fefson,

try to remove
<?php comments_template(); ?>
from single-portfolio_item.php (Apperance -> Editor)
fefson Purchased

In the portofolio-grid, can i have a hover without icons, and clicking wouod the reveal the inlinepage? Is it also possible to have only the title in the hover?



you can try to edit LI element with class “item” in portfolio_section.inc.php

We’re not offering support on changing layout of some portions of our design…

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Hi I have 2 questions.

1): I need the 4 boxed on the frontpage to go to same page, but not the same place on the page, on click on the first box I want it to show the top of the page, the second box I want to stop half way down at the same page as the first, and the third the end of the pase… is that posible? 2): I dont have room for the buttons in my menu when I have cliked something on so it color the menu bar, is it posible to make the menu type a bit smaler og the space between?

The link is http://mediapulse.dk/midtermolen_2/



try to use #ID_of_section at the end of URL

You can decrease margin of menu items if you add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
#menu ul li, .menu ul li {
  display: inline;
  margin: 0 0 0 10px!important;
sheki Purchased

Can you please provide more social media icons- like tumblr, linkedin, pinterest????


You have to add these icons to folder on server.


Hi The slider is not working on Google Chrome.




Nobody else reported this.

It’s working fine on our (latest Chrome).

May I see the URL?

amisa Purchased


I have a huge problem. The side was running fine for some time… then the portfolio look changed to the blog look and feel. I am unable to change the settings! It is NOT saving it. Funny too, that the static page option with HOME as start page ALWAYS changes back to blog layout! Currently I have your xml content installed. It contains purely your portfolio stuff… but something is completely strange… I really need advise…

I am frustrated. As I have reinstalled not only the complete theme now 3 times plus reinstalled wordpress twice… the problem occured on WP 3.4 plus now I have reinstalled it on 3.5.

looking forward to get feedback.




You MUST use Latest posts if you want to have one pager layout (don’t ask me why, this is because of WP files hierarchy).

Check again each page custom fields, or send me wp-admin URL, u/p via contact form on our profile page…

Hello! I am having trouble trying to edit the italicized descriptions below the page title. For example:


This is what I want to change—>Design is important because chaos is so hard, that’s why our team was created from the desire to make a living while promoting and nurturing what we value in our daily lives.

Please explain how to change this. Don’t see any where to change it in page edit or theme options.

amisa Purchased

the static page problem is fixed. i set the homepage as one pager and all other as separate pages. so, now this works… BUT I still have the BIG ISSUE that your provided portfolio content (xml) is appearing as BLOG with also this right hand side bar of the blog structure. WHY?

thanks a bunch for your help…


Check custom fields on portfolio page…

amisa Purchased

oh and I have not touched the content of your provided catagories… and the slugs also are as provided. i cannot choose the page layout “Portfolio”. the drop down menu does not show it…

Does this theme have drop down menu functionality yet? If so, I wanted to purchase right away…


Sorry, but no drop down functionality is planned…

How do I update the theme? I tried renaming it, but 1.5.1 seems to be having problems, like there’s no longer the wp dashboard bar, and there’s no navigation menu bar popping out anymore.



you can overwrite the theme folder via FTP, or, delete theme from dashboard and upload and activate latest version…

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how do I resize the image in protfolio slider, can’t get it done tried all WP options and still can’t reduce it. http://uppway.softtube.org



Slider images should be 960px wide. Height is auto generated, but it’s a best practice to have all images with same height.

That height you should insert into Brankic Panel -> Height…

How do you get the header social icon bar to work?


You have to add widget to header sidebar.

In the package you’ve downloaded, there is plugins folder with that widget…

Thanks! Hmm, I’m facing a few other problems.

1. The header does not seem to work. When I click on the options, it doesn’t scroll to the right section.

2. Also, the highlighting is wrong.

3. I can’t seem to highlight the words/text on the website.


Thanks, and happy holidays!



May I see the URL?


I will PM you.

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Looking to see how to get the top menu to scroll down (pinned) like in the demo. And will need info on where to change the colors. One last thing, how to add a menu, with sub-menu option.

The pinned menu used to work on a previous site, but not on this current site. Not sure what has changed.

Thank you in advance.



maybe you have some plugin conflict. Try to disable all plugins and see if this is happening.

In Brankic Panel you can change colors.

Menu is made of pages. You can’t use WP Menu, or submenus…


I added an anchor link from one of the icon-boxes to a page I created which offers further information given in the icon-box. However, the anchor link does not utilize the smooth scroll effect that the main menu links do… It just goes right to the page without the nice scroll… How do I set up these anchor links to utilize smooth scrolling like the main menu links?

Thanks, Tim


Hi Tim,

You have to edit javascript/smooth-scroll.js
$('#menu a, .menu a, .icon a').smoothScroll({
You must have basic jQuery knowledge…


have found the slider section in the Brankick panel but can’t see how to change the parameters of the slider… as in speed it changes to a new image. Can we make it so it doesn’t auto slide to a new image (otherwise makes embedding a video a bit pointless as it moves on to the next slide) etc.

Where can I change these settings.



You have to edit javascript/slider-simple-home.js


Cheers for that. Found it.

I have also looked in slider-simple to try and see what code to remove in order to take away the little rectangle box with the circles in it that you click on to move to another image, but I can’t see which bit of code that is. Can you point it out to me, cheers?


It’s a generatePagination option.

In the portfolio, when you hover over an item you have two buttons at the bottom, one a magnifying glass which enables lightbox, the other a chain link which opens the drop down window (which is great by the way).

How do I go about changing these? not the graphic, I have found that, but I want to replace the images with text and want the boxes to accommodate the width of the text rather than squish it in square boxes.

At the moment the icons don’t really guide the user to the functionality of them and that’s a shame so text would be better.

Many thanks


It’s not that easy (beyond our support).

You should edit portfolio_section.inc.php


Ok, cheers for the page. Can use that info to change other little things, like removing the category names from the on screen info, but yes, bit too complicated for me to figure out how to make that change. We will just have to have a think about the images and change them.

Though I think I may see how to remove one or the other of the options. Shame there aren’t more option choices in the back end Portfolio sections, such as keeping the hover whilst only having either the Preview or the Open. Hover is great :)