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Hi again,

I had a question with the “our company” section where it had the pictures of the staff and their name. On one of our names, it pushes the last name to the second line, which it did not do the first time. Not sure what could have caused that. Any insight?


May I see the URL so I could send you Extra CSS which will fix this issue


Question regarding the portfolio section. Where does the title for the section come from? Currently I’ve stuck the H1 in the content area but that’s making the inline portfolio items open above the title and ideally I’d like it to open below it. Any ideas where I’m going wrong?


Title for the section comes from the title of the page. You can hide this tile with Brankic Custom Fields (below the editor)

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Hi I have a problem with the zig zag template. It does not work on Samsung G3, HTC Desire and not at all on Nokia with win 8 on. The problem is when you enter the site from thise mobile the first menu does not function, when I scroll down on the “next” page the menu works fine. What can I do? I hope you can help, because we are running a big mobile campaign next week. the site is www.midtermolen3.dk




We can’t test our themes with all devices on the market. On iPhone, HTC WildFire, iPad it’s working fine. On HTC WildFire it takes time to load, but after 1 minute all scripts are loaded and everything is working just fine.

I sent you an email but saw the answer to my problem with my header image and the pop up “more stuff” at the bottom of my page. I deactivated jetpack and all is well again. Thank you!!


I’m glad it worked. I’ll try to find a solution to use JetPack with our theme in next update…

As suggested I in blog_section.inc.php i changed this:

if ($pos) the_content(''); else the_excerpt(); 

to this: if ($pos) the_content(’’); else the_content(); ?> and also tried this: if ($pos) the_content(’’); else the_content(’ ‘); ?>

But it had not effect, the summaries are still viable.

What else should I do? How do I fix the problem?



If you have Excerpt inserted it will be shown. You have to delete Excerpt from the editor…

It’s possible hide pages from homepage?

Nice theme!



There is a custom field for that…

Hi—Just wondering if it’s possible to showcase custom Javascript within a blog post? I’d like to show off javascript that I’ve created, but the HTML tab is gone (there are only “visual” and “text” tabs) and the posts won’t acknowledge any actual code. Is there a way to do this? Or will I have to FTP separate pages to my website that are plain HTML so I can actually show my code?


There is no more HTML, but TEXT tab. Not sure how WP handles javascript in ocde (I thinks there are some restrictions) Try to use some kind of plugin for that…

Drop-down menu in portfolio. Hi Brankic1979. It’s possible to put a drop-down menu in portfolio page? http://erikschwarz.com/

I have All / D.O.P & CAMERA OPERATOR but my client wants to put drop-down menu on DOP & CAMERA OPERATOR Categories


    • -All
      • -Select
        • -Reel
        • Thx!



sorry, but you can’t have drop down menu :(

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I have a few questions/problems with setting up my site with all the pages opening on a separate page.

  • Home menu item always has a link to #top. How can I get this link to be the domain root?
  • I can set the static front page to be my Home page in Settings/Reading. When the settings are saved the static front page value resets to empt. I think that the way the template is coded means the WP cannot set the Home page.
  • Not being able to set the static front page means that my SEO plugin (WordPress SEO by Yoast) cannot work out what the home page is. WP appears to think the home page is the blog page thus all my meta tags are for the blog page.
  • The site (still in development!) is http://www.ccconferences-dev.oneleafdesign.com.

    thanks, Mark


Hi Mark,

1. You can’t do it easily

2. You can’t have static home page unless you delete home.php from theme folder

3. One pagers aren’t SEO friendly…

Hi Brankic. I’d like to change my permalinks but I am unable to locate the .htaccess. Could you tell me where to find it? Thanks!



this is not theme related. You must have FTP access to your server and you must be able to see hidden files. This file should be in the root of your website…

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Hi, I started using the theme today and I must say I really like it! However when I activate another plugin (ie. Pricing Table Ready!) some of the shortcodes break… any idea why and how to fix it?



Thanks for purchasing.

Plugins can break some of theme functions and I can only suggest to try to find another plugin :(

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Hello – The slider on my site suddenly stopped working after the last Wordpress update. The slider is already insterted on the homepage and everythign appears to be in order, it’s just not working anymore. Anyway this can be fixed? www.beautiquesalonca.com



It’s because JetPack plugin. If you deactivate it, slider should work.

I’ll try to find workaround for this issue in next update…

Hi Brankic – When should we expect the update / fix for Vimeo links to work in the slider area? Is there a work-around in the meantime? Thank you as always!



we’re very busy, and I must disappoint you – there will be no updates in next few months :(


Hi Brankic – How can I get the Vimeo video to appear in the meantime? This website is for my business and the reel is not appearing like it once was. Thank you.


You can use IFRAME code in “Not image content” field in Brankic Panel -> Slider

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1) When I import the XML, and I have selected “Download Attachments”, it almost always times out. Some of the posts and pages got created, but none of the slider images, or blog images were downloaded.

2) I have multiple blog categories “Category 1” “Category 2” so on. Somehow the blog posts only show up on the homepage if Category 2 specifically is selected. It ignores all posts from other categories!

3) Portfolio is also completely empty. I’ve read your FAQ and I don’t understand your brief explanation. Please elaborate.

Please help! I have Skype for easier communication. I just need to get it to how it looks at the demo and I’ve followed your documentation precisely and read your FAQ.


1. There’s a problem with your hosting server. Contact your hosting support and tell them the same you’ve told me.

2. Blog section shows only the posts from the category you select. if you want to show all posts, you have to create new category which is parent for all others and to choose that parent category.

3. You should hire a freelancer if you can’t handle it…

I hope that makes sense…

I need 2 supports:

my logo disappears whenever access any new item or category Blog.

My background is not displayed. I add the image panel brankic, but it is not displayed when you access the site. Infomar secretly want the site, as I do?

Hi there! Firstly, love the theme and it has been reasonably easy to customise which has helped immensely with a ‘fussy’ client.

My client’s site is live and has been for a couple of months now. My only question is around the contact page – I have noticed a couple of other comments mentioning a ‘bug’ which is sending out ‘blank’ enquiries. My client has raised this as an issue to me, that they have receive one or two of these emails. But more importantly, when you input text into the contact form and submit the query, it doesn’t reset the form and leaves the text still there. Is there an option for a reset button or code to have the form automatically reset after submission?


Thanks in advance.



don’t sure why he gets empty emails.

Right now there is no reset option and (to be honest) there will be no update in next few months :(

You should try to hire a freelancer (because customization of theme is needed and we’re not providing support on these kind of requests)

Hi there, I´m not sure what is happening with the theme or settings. It is the 2nd time that the content is disappear some how :( I did install again WordPress and the theme a week ago and now it happens the same. Please help me…

here the web:


the last time it was in the English version and i should redo all the content:


thanks for letting me know



I’m sorry about your issue. Only bug I’m aware of is if you use Quick Edit page custom fields disappear.

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Hello – All the Brankic Panel function/Shortcodes like slider, portfolio etc don’t work since the last WordPress update. :crying:

Can you help me? How can I update zigzag Responsive?


To update the theme you can follow instructions from the BigBangWP FAQ page http://themeforest.net/item/bigbang-responsive-wordpress-template/2826493/faqs

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I found the Error: The Plugin “Google-Maps-GPX-Viewer” destroy everything.

But, how can I update zigzag Responsive?


Don’t use that plugin ;)