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Hi, I recentely updated the latest version of your theme. However the slider doesn’t show up anything. I tried to set up slider on the page and tried to change other images as well. It doesn’t work properly. please let me have your email address so that i can send you our site :( please help.

it’s ok i solved them

Hi, i have a question… Portfolios can be separated by filters.

I need to know if one of those filters can display a submenu, or if i can generate a second line below the filters line that comes by default, and with this second line of filters affect the same portfolio.

Take this opportunity to ask a second question…

In the portfolios, no way to insert more than 20 photos? How could i do that?

I hope you understand my request, thank you for your attention, i love your template.

Greetings from Colombia.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Thought we would share with you with we have done using your theme

5 Star Bootcamps

Very nice implementation of our theme. Congrats!!!

Hi, There is any sopport for this theme. I´ve seen that Brankic is not giving support anymore for Zig Zag theme!! It´s incredible to read that!!! If this is confirmed, a complain to Themeforest will be the next step!

Hi Patrika,

You can complain to TF, but you have to know that Support isn’t mandatory.

We’re not offering support because latest tested version of WP was 3.4

Also, please use purchase account when asking questions…


Don’t worry, this is the account I used when I purchased your “professional theme”. But maybe my argument would have more value with this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2949481/lamers/thieves.jpg Paty=patrika.

This theme is not available anymore in my Downloads. Strange. But yes, I purchased from this account. At the right of my Downloads in the very first box says: “Download Immediately. You should download your purchases immediately as items may be removed from time to time.” I don’t know who removed it, maybe you. But what the hell, I don’t care anymore.

I know as you said, “Support isn’t mandatory”, but maybe you should tell us BEFORE wasting our money with you: “that you are not reliable ppl and that your support is a joke”. It’s funny you know? I’ve purchased a lot of themes since 2010 with other authors, and these authors nowadays keep supporting my old themes, yes, the old themes I purchased in 2010. I bought YOUR theme in 2012, and a year and six months later you are only saying: “You can complain to TF, but you have to know that Support isn’t mandatory. We’re not offering support because latest tested version of WP was 3.4” -> we are not talking about if the support is mandatory or not, we are talking about being serious and proffesionals. It so easy to you to say to us that “you are not supporting anymore this theme”, wow! INCREDIBLE. So what you are saying is: “Deal with it. This theme stays as it is! Stay with WP 3.4 and shut the f* up”. Yes, I get it. So that’s why maybe you should put in all your portfolio a big big warning note saying that you are highly unstable, and then, people can decide if buying a theme or not with you.

And no, sadly if I complain with Envato or God, or Yisus, no one is going to make me a refund because of the: “Support isn’t mandatory”. Yes, I know, I lost my money and now I have to buy another theme. Since yesterday I have an ugly and shitty site because I updated to WP 3.6. Thanks guys. My portfolio is offline, thanks to you! But that doesn’t matter -> “Support isn’t mandatory”

The only thing I can do, is made a post in my blog about you and your lack of concern with your clients, and also warned all my friends (who also buy a lot of stuff from here) not to buy anything from you. But then again, maybe this is not important to you guys, because you are: “One of Theme Forest’s top authors” -> sure, aha!!! People who are obsessed with their work guys, don’t act like this. Sorry. But they don’t. You are a total fail.


I’m sorry, but support thing isn’t mandatory. This is not my rule, but TF…

btw, ZigZagWP is still available here, so I don’t know why you can’t download it…

1) From the portfolio, i want to extend the size of two icons, (magnifier/ clip) in the center. Please help me how to resize those two icons.

2) It seems you have some issue between IE and Chrome. Chrom looks ok but IE has issues such as ‘X box image’, main slides etc…

3) i cannot find excerpt box. It was okay before but after installing latest version, i cannot find excerpt boxes. please help.

it’s ok i solved them asll

1) From the portfolio, i want to extend the size of two icons, (magnifier/ clip) in the center. Please help me how to resize those two icons. <- i just need this one to get help

oops I think I left a comment in the html template comment section…but I have the wp template…How do you change out the 4 icons on the home page (icon boxes)?


I’ve installed the theme and the slider doesn’t work in Firefox or with Chrome. I noticed your not providing any support anymore? Anyway you can assist?

I hadn’t that problem on my Live preview. Not sure if this is because of new version of browser or WordPress :(

First off, thank you for the reply.

I figured it out this morning. The slider doesn’t work when logged into WP from “any” browser. It does work fine in “all” browsers when NOT logged in.

So when I build the site and want to see the changes, the slider will not work. Only when logged out. I actually find this very strange.

Any particular reason why it was built that way?

I don’t have such a problems. Since our last update there were new versions of browsers and WP so maybe this is the reason…


didn’t find what i was looking for in the FAQ’s so i hope you will answer this: on the site: http://www.pflanzenpapiere.at if you click on portfolio and click on one item, the comments section is almost completely covered by the picture. i would like to change that and also translate the Text “Leave a Comment” to german.

thanks for your help


Comment section on portfolio items was just an experiment. I suggest to open single-portfolio_item.php and remove
<?php comments_template(); ?>
or to try to customize it yourself…

Hi guys For some reason I cannot get the Brankic Custom Fields (page) to show. The heading is there, but there are no options. On my offline, test version, the Custom Field options are there, but not on my live site (postboxx.co.za). I need to enable the portfolio filters from the custom field options. I’ve been through all 93 pages of comments and still no luck. Any idea why this is so?


This is something what can be misleading – but you and all others must be aware that you get cheap theme (website) with help files and some basic support.

I can’t provide support if you experience something what nobody else experienced. Trust me – if I know the answer – I’ll give you the one, but in this case, I don’t know what’s the problem – I’m pretty sure it’s something related to your hosting or computer or corrupted files…

Since, you’re not offering support, I’ve decided to reinstall to try to try and resolve the issues I’m having. I believe that the ZigZag theme hasn’t been tested with the latest versions of WP. Please can can you let me know what version I should install to avoid any issues.

From the portfolio, i want to extend the size of two icons, (magnifier/ clip) in the center. Please help me how to resize those two icons. <- i just need this one to get help

it seems your theme doesn’t support WPML. or please help me how to use it because i get this msg from menu page. “Your theme does not natively support menus, but you can use them in sidebars by adding a “Custom Menus” widget on the Widgets screen.”

Hi I’m having a problem getting the slider to show up. It just is not visible on the site no matter what I do. Please email to solve this problem. Thanks.

Like the last user comment I’m also having problem with the slider to show up (only on Safari). Today I changed some old slides for new ones (without change the quantity of them). I tried to solve it by downloading last version 3.6 of WP, but it didn’t work. If you want to check it out my website is www.leandrolisboa.com. Please, let me know how to solve this unpleasant look asap.

Ok. I solved it by cleaning the cache of Safari and them the website displayed the slider again.

Yes, clearing the cache often helps…

After updating wordpress the slider and background have disappeared. They are all still present in the theme settings, but they are not displaying on the site: www.a-listaffair.com


We haven’t tested our theme with latest WP versions. As I remember, other users reported that plugin JetPack is in conflict with slider. Try to disable it…

I don’t have jetpack installed. what else ya got? ;)


hello, it it possible to at tags to the portfolio?


Sorry, portfolio custom post type doesn’t support tags.

Hi, The slider on my client’s home page suddenly stopped working. (I just upgraded to WP 3.6, but it wasn’t working before the upgrade either.) http://www.leutholdcommercial.com

I can see that the slider is being rendered, and the images are loading, but they aren’t displaying. I just found this style in the slider-simple.css, #slider .slides_container { /display:none;/ }

So I turned off/commented out the “display:none”, but now only one image is showing…there’s no animation or pagination either.

Any help/guidance you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Cameron

Well, I uninstalled JetPack and then cleared the cache, and that seems to have done the trick. Sorry for the unnecessary post!


Yes – there’s a conflict between JetPack and our slider :(

We don’t have solution for this issue :(

From the portfolio, i want to make bigger size of two icons, (magnifier/ clip image) in the center. Please help me how to resize those two icons. BTW i dont get any replies on this…. —;;;


You’ll have to edit images/slide.png and change some CSS if you want much bigger icons.

We’re not providing support on these kind of issues…

Can you at least let me know the image file name? or location? images/slide.png cannot be found.

sorry – it’s sprite.png (wp-content/themes/zigzagwp/images)

- How do I change the font style? - How do I get the socialize widget back on top? - How do I remove the “all” tab in my Photo section?

How do I remove the comment circle on the front of the blog? I just want it to show the date…not date and number of comments.

My client has purchased your theme and I’d like to remove the “previous” and “next” sprites from the opened portfolio pages and leave only the “X” link in place. What do I change or remove from the portfolio-inline.js script to achieve this. URL: http://www.mappacking.co.za

We also have problem with IE on some PC’s that do not trigger the link to the portfolio pages. Firefox works fine.

We have only 1 plugin and which doesn’t appear to cause any malfunctions when activated or deactivated.

Great Theme! Regards Chris