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Sprite Removal: I wish to remove the “previous” and “next” sprites from the portfolio pages and leave the “X” link where it is.

What changes do I make to the portfolio-inline.js file?

Great Theme! Rod

Hi Rod,

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
li.next {display:none !important;}
li.prev {display:none !important;}

Hi Brankic, Some IE browsers are not opening the links to portfolio pages. Firefox works Ok and on some PC’s IE works fine too. We have tested deactivating the single plug-in we have but this makes no difference.

We have added another link to separate pages until we sort this out. URL: www.mappacking.co.za

Regards Rod


In our IEs it’s working just fine. If these are old IE versions, there’s nothing we can do about :(

mobile version doesn’t come out correctly. is there any way to see same web version as on mobile? www.mobistel.com is the example site. please let me know how to show fully on the mobile phone. thanks.

Hi Brankic, Thank very much for the prompt response on the sprite extra css and the info on IE. :)

Regards Rod

Hello! We started uploading file with your template, but the menu doesn’t work, it adds a ”#” before the name of the page… only page named “work” (that uses Portfolio page style) links properly. We have to change some setting? Thank you in advance Carlo&Nausica url of the site: http://www.nausicaeleonoradesign.it/

Hello, I purchased the ZigZag theme, but I just found out that its the BigBang theme I was looking for. I would like to know if would it be possible to exchange it. I know this is complicated for downloaded content but I have no use for the ZigZag theme. I thank you in advance for any help, Thanks

Hi Brankic. I would really appreciate if you could give a position concerning this matter. Thanks.


You have to ask ThemeForest support, because we can’t do anything about that…

the webpage doesn’t show fully on the mobile phone. is there any way to see same web version as on mobile? www.mobistel.com is the example site. please let me know how to show fully on the mobile phone. thanks.

I’m new to WP and I’m working with the awesome Zigzag theme. How do I add content to the footer? I’d also like to alter the div tag on the section title to be full width, which means removing the div class=”two-third” for the section title. How would I do that?


Didn’t realize I didn’t show up as ‘purchased’. Still looking for how to add footer content to Zigzag theme.


Hi, in Google Chrome the big visual slider on the homepage won’t show. I experience it on both my iMac as my Macbook, in safari everything is fine! Check: www.totalspiel.com Thanks in regards

Contact form issues. Just need a little help please.

In the “email from field” in the Brankic Panel under Contact Page, I have the following:

Carl Peters <carl@motorarzt.com>

But when I receive the email the from field has a < in front of his name. So it comes through like this: <Carl Peters

Can you help with this issue?

As a side note: The emails that come through that have an apostrophe in the message field – have a backslash whenever ’ is used. So I added this code to the Theme Function PHP file to resolve this issue:

<?php if ( get_magic_quotes_gpc() ) { $_POST = array_map( ‘stripslashes_deep’, $_POST ); $_GET = array_map( ‘stripslashes_deep’, $_GET ); $_COOKIE = array_map( ‘stripslashes_deep’, $_COOKIE ); $_REQUEST = array_map( ‘stripslashes_deep’, $_REQUEST ); } ?>

Actually that broke the theme so had to remove that code from the function.php file. I clearly didn’t know what I was doing.

i have installed the theme as instructed and added the slider as instructed. The slider is appearing in the html code, however not displaying on the page .. i have reinstalled the theme and disabled all plugins.. please advise … http://scotch.11eleven.com.au/

the video stops working when logged in.. this site will be for logged in users only.. please advise


Not sure how it’s handled for registered users only. I think hiring a freelancer http://www.microlancer.com/explore/wordpress is a best way to do this because I’m not an expert in this area (registered users permissions)

I have worked out that you have removed the WP jquery and replaced it with a old version to make the nav script work.. this means that any plugin using a recent version of jquery will not work.. this is really bad and will get worse as it gets more out of date.. this theme has cost me many code hours and now will need to scrap it.. crap

hello? it has been more than a couple of weeks ….i need urgent replies :( the webpage doesn’t show fully on the mobile phone. is there any way to see same web version as on mobile? www.mobistel.com is the example site. please let me know how to show fully on the mobile phone. thanks.

You can remove responsiveness if you remove 2 lines from header.php
    <meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1" />
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" />
and from css files if you remove media queries which are near the end of the files.

Hi I have two sites using your template and on word-press’s new updates the sliders no longer work.

- I have deleted the theme and re-installed. - Reset to WP theme 11-13 and then done a fresh install.

Still no luck. I try’d new slider plugins to replace the Brankic version and the sliders would not function. I presume this was due to overriding j-Query / Javascript.

Please advise.


As I remember (other users reported) JetPack is in conflict with our slider. (I’m not using JetPack)

Where can we change the color of this theme to a custom color? When I use the custom css it is overruled by the code that has already be pre-defined. please let me know where in the backend I can find the colorcodes to change these.

Kind regards, Noucky

We’ve purchased this template but with another login. I’m very curious ;)

Hey Guys

I recently moved my site to Dreampress (http://www.dreamhost.com/dreampress/). We’ve been having issues with the theme and the Dreampress support team have advised me to contact the Theme Developer. Becauase of a similar issue that has been fixed on your side (http://themeforest.net/item/zig-zag-responsive-wordpress-template/discussion/134 8607?page=33)

We get the following errors when the ZigZagtheme is activated:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/wp_x3b44r/ citysoiree.co.za/wp-content/themes/zigzagwp/functions.php:227) in * /home/wp_x3b44r/citysoiree.co.za/wp-includes/pluggable.php* on line 875


Warning: session_start() [function.session-start<http://www.citysoiree.co.za/function.session-start>]: > Cannot send session cookie – headers already sent by (output started at > /home/wp_x3b44r/ > citysoiree.co.za/wp-content/themes/zigzagwp/functions.php:227) in * > /home/wp_x3b44r/ > citysoiree.co.za/wp-content/plugins/event-espresso/espresso.php* on line * > 56*

Please advise, Jaco

Hi any feedback on this? I see the 2nd link i posted in previous post was not complete, refer to following: http://themeforest.net/item/zig-zag-responsive-wordpress-template/discussion/1348607?page=33#comment_2010759


I can’t give you better answer than the one you’ve found.

If website worked fine on previous hosting and now it’s not working – I don’t think it’s my fault.

I am interested in buying this item but my client insists that it’s W3C accessible. I checked your demo (http://demo.brankic.net/?theme=ZigZagWP) in “validator.w3.org /” and gives 45 errors in w3c. Is problem really your demo or not accessible W3C?


Sorry for my English.

Please Brankic1979 answer me…

sliders no longer work on Chrome for client’s site

removed JetPack plugin and still no change. please advise!

Hello does not work in the footer View more stuff. When I click does not open the widget footer 1, footer 2, but salt on the page.

What can I do? thanks

I tried but I do not work. How can I split the footer into three areas without using View more stuff? In this case I could use footer 1, footer 2 freely without javascript.

Hello, I do not know how but I managed to solve the problem. Now it works with firefox, ie ETCC and not with Google Chrome. What can I do?

...JavaScript seems to be a problem, but it is strange that it works with other browsers

Hi There I can’t get the slider to show it just shows up blank.

JetPack plugin is in conflict with our slider. Try also to disable all other 3rd party plugins…

I have not other active plugin but ‘maintenance mode’ and deactivation made no difference.

That’s weird.

Please register to our new support Forum and post your question there (in Older WP Themes). Also post and URL to your website http://support.brankic1979.com/