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I am no longer receiving the emails when someone submits from my “Contact” form on my website

This means you’ve done something and there’s no way I can know what you did :)

Check again email settings in Brankic Panel and also check if you’re installed any plugin recently.

Hello Brankic1979,

I updated to WordPress 3.6.1 and the slider on my homepage no longer displays. I made sure it was ticked in the Brankic custom fields and the slider options/images were all there in the Brankic panel. Any advice?


Greetings! Hope this finds all very well with you.

While updating my site I ran into a few new issues. I am using Wordpress 3.5.1 and Zig Zag 1.4 http://dworkspersonaltraining.com

Haven’t added any new plugins / tried cleaning out the cache, too.

1) I created sidebars for each “page” and chose that option within the page, saved and published changes. It seems that a sidebar appears only on “Get Started” page – while I was working and updated the page I saw it on Worpress and then they disappeared. Whoa.

2) The site has always worked fine across all browsers. Now it’s not working on Safari – however slider is working and the rollovers are working but the top navigation is static and the site is dead…(iphone Safari is fine though)

3) Anyway to put a search option inside the page?

Thanks so much for entertaining this. I really love this theme and would like to keep it going…

Cheers, Darla

Hello I am no longer receiving the emails when someone submits from my “Contact” form on my website.

I have only updated WordPress but have not added any plugins?

I just updated to the new wordpress and now the slider is not showing up in Firefox. It still displays in Chrome & IE. Oh my God, what can I do??

We’ve started Support Forum, so please register and post your questions there


Unless the out-dated jquery issues are fixed, this theme isn’t very useful. I am unable to use many of the updated sliders because of old jquery issues. Even jquery updater plugins don’t help.

We’ve started Support Forum, so please register and post your questions there


ps: This theme is very old, and new plugins require newer jQuery version.

You can use newer version of jQuery but we’re not providing support on this issue ‘cause we’ve stopped development of this theme.

How do I hide the 4 gray boxes on the footer. The ones with the title “Branding”, “Logo Design”, Copywriting” and “Print”

Also, where I can edit the text bellow the About us. Here is the text. “We like to make things for web, in fact we are little bit too obsessed. In fact we earn money whilst working on things we’re totally in love with. Admit, you’re jealous?”

no longer support for new updates of wordpress? extremly disappointing from you… :(

Hello, really like this theme. Am I able to setup a members only section? Thanks

I just recently posted a new blog and one of the blog boxes is out of line with the others. i tried re-installing the template but it didn’t fix the problem http://vnextmedia.com/blog/

Hi Just wondering is it possible to embed vimieo videos into the blog posts in this theme? it looks great but i really need to be able to embed videos

Is there a way to change the color of the template to a custom color?

Any upgrade for WP 3.7 and working whit Brankic Social Media Widget 1.8???


The twitter widget keeps showing “loading tweets…” but it doesn’t loads them. Thanks

Why aren’t you updating/supporting this theme anymore? It’s a beautiful theme, has a sticky menu, and is fully responsive. If you aren’t going to update/support it, shouldn’t you remove it. I bought and built a site on it, only to now find out that it’s not being updated and supported. That’s very annoying! I wouldn’t have purchased, had I realized. I’m just baffled as to why you would stop supporting and updating such an elegant theme?

any upgrade yet for WP3.7? or 3.8?

Hi I’m having a problem with (ZigZag) the Facebook Like button in a blog post, it registers that you have liked a post but nothing appears in my Facebook timeline? Twitter sharing works fine. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi. My twitter widget also keeps showing “loading tweets…” Been like this for months. Tried removing and adding back to no avail. Any suggestions? http://salonbeaumonde.com/ Thanks.

Hi Guys, I have a client whose WP is 3.0 and I just want to be sure if this template works well in WP 3.0 before buying it. Thank you so much.