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Very good job, man ;)

Thanks Gioska ;-)

Hello, just purchased your nice theme,

i have one question:

is it possible to have a scalable background image in the boxed version?

best regards,


Hi Woerdhvd,

thanks for purchase. We didn’t use that option in this template, but you gave us a great suggestion. We’ll try to find a solution in next few days, and hopefully we’ll do an update asap. You’ll be informed.

Regards Brankic1979

Hello again,

here one, I think, simple solution. It requires just couple of things.

First visit this address, download zip file, once you do that unzip it, and copy jquery.backstretch.min.js file inside javascript folder.

Step 2, you need to put this file inside head tag of the page, it should look like this:

<script src="javascript/jquery.backstretch.min.js"></script>

Step 3, open jquery.backstretch.min.js file hit enter couple of times, and enter this code line (make sure you enter precise image path):


Step 4, finally, if you plan to use this solution you also need to remove background image associated to body tag inside style-boxed.css file.

body {
    font-family:  Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
    font-size: 12px;
    line-height: 17px;
    color: #676767;
    background: url(../images/pattern/bg1.jpg) repeat fixed #f4f4f4; /*this part need to be removed*/

This might looks like a lot of things to do, but hope it won’t be too hard.

Regards Brankic1979

very nice, wp version?

in progress…

Waiting for WP version. Nice work!

So far, so good! Haven’t had any issues, let’s hope it stays that way. ;) I’m sure you don’t hear this often, but nice job on the documentation! It was very well put together.

As Woerdhvd mentioned, I too would like to know about it being possible to have a scale-able background in the “boxed” version. Thanks!

Good luck on future sales, this is a wonderful theme!

Hi Rdiazphoto,

thanks for purchase, glad to hear you’re not experiencing any trouble so far, hope it will stay that way. There is a solution for this issue, please read a reply to Woerdhvd, it’s a bit too long, that’s why I want to skip repeating it.

Regards Brankic1979

Great! Thank you for that solution! :)

Another beauty! Terrific work and ditto on great job on documentation.

Thanks Voodoogal, you’re always giving us great support and super comments, we really appreciate that.


this theme is super cool ! i vote for the WP version !

Thanks cajun,

we’re giving our best to finish it ASAP …

Want to buy Wp version. Congrats.

Soon and thanks :-)

Any chance you’ll make a PSD file available for the WP version?

Hi Brankic 1979, Re Filterable Portfolio: Is it possible to have a portfolio item belong to more than one category? I experimented a bit, but haven’t found the magic key.

Again, I really think you did a fine job on this one—it’s really a pleasure to work on it!

Hello again,

yes it’s possible. Just to make things easier I’ll use categories as in template. For example, if you want to put single item in several categories you need to type in the name of those categories inside the class of li tag, here’s the example with few categories associated to just one item:

<li class="item logo-design web video" />

Hope this helps.

There’s the magic! Thanks so much.

Just say WP version is up and I will buy this jewel.

Yup, and with some additional features.

Also waiting for wordpress version. Any clue as of E.T.A ?

Hi valor, 2wks max.


I’ve noticed all the images in the demo are the same size (600×400 for portfolio items).

I source my photo’s for the portfolio from Flickr. Some photo’s are portrait, some landscape. Is it possible to “faux crop” images with CSS to keep the portfolio in ZIGZAG nicely aligned?

Regards, Karel

is this coming to WordPress? GREAT !

i want the WP version. AWESOME WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think there is a small mistake. When you take your mouse over the Branding for example, the text change 3 colors. After you hover it with your mouse it becomes black and then white. The same happens when you remove the cursor above the Branding. It’s like a mid color. Gray, black, white.(When you hover it) White, black, gray(unhover)

hi, bought your theme and one small issue. On the mobile device … it works fine on iphone but not on andorid. I have tried checking on my samsung Nexus S as that the only device i could check upon. Could you double check and see if the functionality is smooth and particularly the ‘tap to call’. Thanks.

Hi 007ke,

so sorry for any inconvenience, although it looks ok on our phones, we’ll check it again, and try to fix all the bugs.

Very nice theme, as usual:)

I love it, there is only one page? I see this site for a client, unfortunately the client needs a good SEO .

Having a single page penalize he’s referencing?

Hi AlexisG,

One pagers aren’t good for SEO . As you can see there are blog single pages (which are fine for SEO ), so you have to make your decision about SEO issue.

Hi Brankic1979, Ditto 007ke’s issue re Android (I am using a Samsung Android tablet). I reported instance to you, via email last week with screenshot of this: filterable portfolio item overlay sticking. Any news on that? Thanks so much. BTW : I am using this theme for one of my own websites.

Hi Voodoogal, could you please resend the mail, I can’t find it, I was looking very carefully, but there is no such email. Thanks

Hi Brankic1979, Just sent you another email with link showing issue. Thanks so much.

Yes, there’s an isssue, we’ll fix it tomorrow, it’s bed time here, but we’ll inform you about an update, or better yet if you’ re in a hurry we’ll sent you zip file with a solution, we already know how to fix this, but must leave it for tomorrow, hope that won’t be a problem.


Hi Brankic1979, Terrific news, and I can wait til you’ve had a good night’s rest for the solution, and the update. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.