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kenneaa Purchased

Hi Brankick1979, awesome work. I am curious what icon set you used in this design… or did you create these yourself?




Hi kenneaa

Social media icons are from here http://www.brankic1979.com/2011/12/free-social-media-icon-set/

Other icons are IconSweets

Hi Brankic1979,

Brilliant template.

Is there anyway to open google maps inside prettyphoto? I know there is tut here: http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/blog/2010/09/28/tutorial-opening-custom-content-in-prettyphoto/ however I dont want to mess with your coding if you have a simple solution.

Thanks! Devin

I figured it out:

Simply copy and past the url from the embedded iframe code google provides. For example:

http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl= en&geocode=&q=Google+california&aq=&sll=45.501858,-73.570488&sspn= 0.012122,0.027874&gl=ca&ie=UTF8& amp;hq=Google&hnear=California,+United+States&t=h&cid =12270360409209068015&z=7&iwloc=A&output=embed

Then add

to the end of the url and past into your prettyphoto href. (Change dimensions to whatever.)

Works great!



I hope it will be useful for others!

Hey Brankic1979,

2 questions.

1. I’m in the early phases of putting my site together and when I look at my portfolio page (called work) it works fine until I click on a thumbnail and it opens on the page. The image slider always slides to the next image smoothly first, but then right after the next slide appears it does a quick jerk back in place. It’s kind weird, here is my link ” http://www.thebarjongroup.com

2. I’m also having a issue with my theme when I click on the dark option it does not turn the theme dark, just the text boxes. I’m not sure why that is. If there is a line of code I need to look at please let me know.

I’m using the wp version, and the outside of those two issues I love it.



Hi Kidbear1,

please post this question on WP version of this template: http://themeforest.net/item/zig-zag-responsive-wordpress-template/discussion/1348607

Hi, I have bought the theme, but I can’t install. I have tried everything in this video: http://wiki.envato.com/buying/support-buying/solving-broken-theme-issues/

But something is wrong. Can anybody help?

My Wordpress is v. 3.3.1


Hi simonwiller,

Unpack the package and use zigzagwp.zip in Add New Theme…


The problem is that I didn’t bought the wp-version :)

Good day Brankic1979,

1. How do i change the font type of Yanone Kaffeesatz? I cant remember it being a default html font family.

2. I notice that the slider ‘moved’ a few pixels down when the script scroll up from the bottom or from any other section below. Anyone caught it?

Regards. Ben.


Hi breakster,

Yanone Kaffeesatz is Google Web font. If you want to use some standard font, insert something instead of
font-family: 'Yanone Kaffeesatz', arial, serif;
font-family: Helvetica, arial, serif
and ignore “URL for Google Font”.

Sorry, but I can’t detect any slider movement upon scrolling :(

Good day Brankic,

I’ve managed to solve my issues for the above questions.

However, i tried to change logo-min to a bigger size and the texts from the slider menu is not aligned with the logo. The text is not aligned to the middle of the menu bar and seems higher when i increase the size of logo-min.

How do i adjust the padding or margin for the text on the menu only?

Regards. Ben.



this is CSS issue. We don’t offer support for these kind of questions. There is Inspect element option in Chrome and Firefox with Firebug and Extra CSS field in Brankic panel.

In your case you should try to change ”.pinned ul” top position or margin-top or padding-top…

tendark Purchased

Hello! Thank you for this theme. I had a question however. The contact form seems to send me blank emails.. have you had any problems like this before? Whenever I test it, I cannot send messages through the contact form without putting in a valid email and message, however I keep getting the blank messages..

Please let me know if you know anything about this. Thanks!


Hi tendark,

thanks for purchasing!

Please send me your wp-admin URL , u/p (via email form on our profile page) so I could fix this for you.

Hello, quick before I buy the theme. How come there are no PSD files and is this only made for WP?



Hi asn1081,

we don’t create websites from PSD . This is why there is no PSD files in our themes.

Hi- some few questions…

1. Can you hide the social icons on top right? 2. There are 4 boxes (branding, icons…tec), if I just delete one, will it be flexible and scaleble with just have 3? 3. Can you clarify, is this made for WP or normal site?




there are both HTML and WP versions. In HTML version you can edit the files as you want so you can hide social icons (delete from the code).

If you delete one box, you should change CSS a bit. This is pretty basic stuff for any web designer.

iloveny Purchased


I purchases the One Page Zig Zag responsive html template. You state the layout if fixed, however when I make my browser window smaller, all elements on the website shrink to size of window. This is for client work and they are not happy with that but I don’t know how to change it. Please advise on how I can keep the entire website fixed size of 960 regardless of how big or small the browser window is. Many thanks!



It’s responsive, so layout is responsive to browser size. I think liquid layout refers to 100% width on any browser size. We have fixed sizes depending of browser width (960px, 748px, 420px and 300px)

webpens Purchased

Hi Brancik Love your responsive design. It works really well in all browsers except Firefox. In Windows Firefox: The menu navigation is inactive and does not function at all (apart from a mouse-over colour change). And it does not use the web font!

In Mac Firefox: The top nav menu action does not scroll down but jumps leaving the menu behind – nav menu disappears! So you have to scroll back up manually to the home page or scroll down manually. www.wakatapu.com/index2.html

Hope you can help!?

webpens Purchased

Hi brancik

I dbought and downloaded your zig-zag html template before your latest updated in December.

I have already created the website and don’t want to start from scrathc with a new downloaded version. can you please tell me what bugs were fixed in which files so that I can manually update them.

Thanks :)


Email sent.

iloveny Purchased


Hmm. Just to clarify my question, how do I go in the tweak the code so that the website size is fixed to 960px, no scaling to browser window. Also, how do i remove the little gray band with auto round slider buttons completely from home slider banner? Many thanks.

P.S. Client is in urgent need of these corrections, I would appreciate a quick response. Many many thanks!



Near the end of each css file in css folder are media queries. Delete those and no resizing will ocurr.

To remove dots from the slider please check my reply to achung below.

senadzan Purchased

GREAT THEME , I buy and edit a ton of these, you are really good at what you do! One questions, is there a semi-simple way to have the pinned menu be the default option rather than switching between two different menus? Basically, I’d prefer that the menu always have the bg color behind it for more structure on the page (rather than the menu items floating).

senadzan Purchased

Thanks man, here is the url, I did not apply the code here as it was bugging out the top nav after I applied it. By bugging out I mean it was going up and down three times then stopping, so I removed it.


This is what you have to do.

In index.html add class=”pinned” to div with ID menu.

In css/style.css add this to the end of the file
#menu.pinned {display: block !important;}
and use this file instead of your custom.js (just rename it) http://download.brankic.net/ZigZagHTML/custom_for_senadzan.js

This should keep pinned menu always on.

senadzan Purchased

Thank you, that worked out. I appreciate it!

webpens Purchased

Hi Brankic

Thanks so much for your quick and helpful comments. I found the solution to the Firefox PC no web font display problem – your link showed me the way. Apparently it only does this on the local computer – when viewed on other PC’s it displays the web font – Google search is full of this problem. I was really relieved to discover this :)

webpens Purchased

Finally… How do I change the words on the footer trigger from “view more stuff” , “view less stuff” – to “resources” – i.e. I don’t want the word “stuff”.

I have looked at the CSS style file, but can’t find those words.

I haven’t replaced the updated CSS files, but I have replaced all js files as instructed.

Thanks again for a great design and great after sales support :)

holke Purchased

hi there,

I just have purchased this theme (I think is really nice so congrats) and I am having some trouble installing it. When I try to upload from my wp admin page it takes a lot of time and then it says that there was a WordPress Failure or something like that.

Please, if you can help me with some instructions or advices i will apreciate it.

Sorry for my poor english and thanks in advance,

Regards Holke



you have to upload zigzagwp.zip which one is inside the package you’ve downloaded from TF.

Sorry if it is a stupid question, but is this coded with HTML5 ?

Also, I have a Wordpress blog which I’ve not used very often. I want to move away from Wordpress and use a 1 page template but I want to keep the blogs I’ve done already. Is it a straight forward process to migrate my wordpress blog to the blog on the HTML template blog?



as you can see from source, no HTML5 in this template.

There are a lots of instructions on the net how to include blog posts into static website. Basic PHP /MUST knowledge is a must.

Hello it is a beautiful theme and i want to buy it but before i do i want to know if and how i can use it with joomla.



this is HTML template. You have to know how to code in Joomla. I’m pretty sure there are a tones of tutorials on net how to do that.