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rofo62 Purchased

I only asked for a hint … where to look … not the solution. I understand anyway your point of view and I thank you for the reply. Cheers Rob

AlexisG Purchased

Hello, I would like to know which line to edit in global.js so that the progress bar (skills) starts from the right and not of the left. Thank you for your help. Regards.


Hi AlexisG,

To be honest, I don’t know how to slide graph from right to left without a lots of changing the source.

In custom.js search for function sliding_horizontal_graph(id, speed)...

mnicona Purchased

Hi Brankic1979

I just purchased the HTML template….awesome by the way!

I’m doing everything as expected so far but have one question regarding the Portfolio functionality.

Even in your Live Preview I don’t seem to be able to make the link function on each of the portfolio thumbnails (the icon to the right of the magnifying glass on mouse-over). I’m unsure how and where I populate the portfolio info (images, website URL , content etc).

Your help is much appreciated.


bresson Purchased

Got the template and love it immensely. However, we would like to keep the logo in the navigation bar when the template is viewed in a tablet. I realize this is a design choice for you and not an error or mistake – and in many contexts, an excellent design choice.

We just need to modify the file so that when viewed in a tablet, the navigation is essentially the same as when viewed in a desktop (we have a black background, logo left and navigation items to the right) thanks!


Hi bresson,

thank you on kind kind words.

It’s impossible to have same (fixed) top menu on touchscreen devices. Reason : you can’t have fixed elements on these devices. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4889601/css-position-fixed-into-ipad-iphone

Code for making this cloned menu is in custom.js
$menu = $("#menu").clone();
        $(".content-wrapper:gt(0)").prepend("<div class="menu">" + $menu.html() + "</div>");
        $(".content-wrapper:gt(0) .menu ul").prepend("
  • home
  • “); $(”.menu li a.logo”).closest(“li”).remove();

    but we can’t give you support on this issue (since we had hard time to make it as it is :( )


    I’d really like to use this for a project immediately, however I also need the navbar to stick, similar to @bresson.

    I used a similar theme for a previous project, and the navbar sticks in place on iPads and iPhones, just as it does on the desktop version. I don’t want to advertise another author’s theme here, so I won’t post it but please PM me if you’d like to know. If you can make this adjustment to this template, you got yourself a sale here.



    sorry, but we’re not planning to make such a change to our template :(

    Great theme. thanks!


    You’re welcome !

    Include the .PSD files and I will buy it.


    Sorry tyrrin,

    but we don’t build our themes from PSDs. This the reason why we don’t include PSD files into our themes.


    So there are no graphics files in the theme? This is all CSS ? If that is the case I may buy this today.


    There are image elements of course, but only png and jpg files.

    Mikjgens Purchased

    On iPad at www.smoothme.com, the menu repeats the word home multiple times when you scroll down to the sections at the bottom of the page. Any advice?

    Other than that, this theme is the new standard.


    Hi Mikjgens,

    it looks that some of your sections aren’t wrapped properly. I think the problem is in not closed DIV with class ONE at 548th line.

    Mikjgens Purchased

    Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I closed that off in a few different places, and it didn’t fix the problem. So is there a way I can just pay you to fix it?

    Mikjgens Purchased

    Totally awesome you took the time to do that for me.

    Mikjgens Purchased

    That fixed it, thank you so much. Would you please delete that pic when you get a moment.


    Image is removed!

    What is the name of the font you used for the logo? If I am going to buy this with no .psd that is one of the things that I need to know.

    In the future you really should include a .psd file with your theme’s as 90% of the people on this board look for this first.

    Thank you for the excellent work!

    For anyone else looking for the Socialize Icons: http://www.brankic1979.com/2011/12/free-social-media-icon-set/

    I love the theme, and I’m using it to build my portfolio site.

    However, I would love for the portfolio section to be at the top on the page. When I went into pages and changed the order of the pages, it did not show any of the portfolio content (the portfolio section title was still there, but no thumbnails).

    How do I reorder the sections without breaking everything. Thanks in advance!


    This is for WP version, right?

    I’ve noticed that changing order of page removes Brankic Custom Field values. So after you change the order, select Portfolio category again.

    yeah this si wordpress.

    I just reinstalled both wordpress and the theme and I tried reordering the sections and hiding others ( i would like portfolio, contact, about)

    And I also re categorized the portfolio items for two of your samples but still no luck.

    Could you somehow take a look at the site and tell me how to fix this, i’m ina bit of a time crunch.


    Thank you for the quick reply btw


    Please send me your wp-admin URL , u/p (via email form on our profile page) so I could fix this for you. Also, please include your issue in email.

    What is the name of the font you used in the theme’s logo? Let me know so I can play around with the ideas that I have, if they work out you will have a sale. Its kinda hard to buy the product without the .psd included. So I will have to blindly recreate what I am looking for. I am looking to buy this immediately once I have this detail. Thank you.


    The font used for logo is league gothic.

    Please advise on how to install the template in the wordpress. I have tried many ways of doing. and cannot make it appear


    Sorry, but you’ve bought Site Template, not WP version :(


    Hello, I love your template and I’m debating using it for a client’s website I just have one problem. I’m not a huge fan of the style of the portfolio. I like the one used in the “Alternate” theme (http://demo.brankic.net/?theme=ZigZag). If I were to purchase that theme as well, is there any reason I couldn’t incorporate it’s portfolio instead? (conflicting CSS classes, etc?). Thanks!



    If you’re web designer you know it’s not that easy. You should hire someone to do that.

    I wasn’t looking for a drag and drop solution, I’m perfectly capable of editing the code. I was just hoping to know whether or not you use stan dard ID names and class identifiers on all your templates to have a better idea of how much I’d need to customize and if it was worth it or if I should just start from scratch. There’s no need to be short with people.



    sorry, but I really don’t know how to answer to your question. You can see the sources of both templates, so you (or any web designer) can see the IDs and scripts.

    My opinion is : of course this is possible, but not sure if you can do it yourself.

    Looks like there is now a way of having a fixed position on the menu bar on iOS/iPad. It would be great if you could incorporate this if possible.

    For an example that worked on my iPad 2:


    Check out the updated posts on the link you mentioned above:


    I have a few questions if you may please help me, I would greatly appreciate it. If anyone else is experiencing these issues and have found a resolution, please let me know. Thank You.

    1.) When you first load the page (usually the first time) and you scroll down to click on a category in the portfolio section, it takes the user / audience back to the top of the page. It doesn’t load what’s contained inside those categories, instead it just directs you back up top of the header…

    I scroll down to click on a portfolio categories / link menus but It directs me back to the top, is there updates to fix this issue or is anyone else experiencing this?

    2.) How would you remove the (ALL) category tab in the portfolio section? I have a lot of work to showcase but I would rather have the user/audience land on another category, for example the categories in the preview of this template are:


    Instead of landing on (ALL) right away, can the user land on WEB or another category? I ask this because if you have so much work to showcase, the load time takes forever and it’s a long load time since it shows ALL , how would you remove ALL or have the user land on another category?

    3.) In the pretty photo, if you switch through images (left / right) you can see it flicker on the arrows. Once you keep hovering over the left and right arrows, you will see a next button behind the arrows fading in and out, it’s very choppy and laggy. Is there any way to fix this so the arrows in the PrettyPhoto stays put without it flickering?

    Besides all that, this template is very solid and is very sexy. I’m very impressed and I must say you did a fantastic job. May you please help me with these three questions? I need to finalize this and get this up as soon as possible.

    Thank you



    thanks on nice words,

    1) Filterable waits for whole page to load. This could be the problem if you’re very quick, but 99% of viewers don’t click so quick when they visit the page for the first time. (it takes at least 2 clicks to filter portfolio section, so I would increase 99% to 99.99% :) )

    2) This is easy. Just one line of code needs to be added and we’re giving full support on this.

    3) It’s all about prettyPhoto script. You can check their website to see is there a fix for this.

    Mikjgens Purchased

    :: BUYER REVIEW ::

    You’re making a good decision by purchasing this template. I work exclusively with local businesses and after installing this template we’ve received a lot more leads coming in through our site.

    The dynamic functionality offers a lot of value for the small business owner because you’re able to offer them a mobile solution with this template as well.

    It’s super easy to edit. The only errors I’ve had have been my own. If ou scan back through the comments you’ll see that they took a lot of TIME to answer my question… The thing is, I’m working for someone else, they know it… You’re probably working for someone else, too. That’s why it’s important to buy templates from guys who provide great tech support.

    This one is a winner. I’ve received more “visual” compliments with this template than any other.


    A Happy Customer



    such a great buyer review!

    We appreciate it.

    All the best…