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Thank you for your fast reply.

1.) You state: It takes at least 2 clicks to filter portfolio section, so I would increase 99% to 99.99%)

What do I have to increase? Is it something I edit in the HTML / CSS / JS file? If so, what line of code do I have to change?

2.) This is easy. Just one line of code needs to be added and we’re giving full support on this.

Would you be providing that one line of code (replied) back in the comments?

3.) I’ll look into the prettyPhoto script, I’ll see what I can find, but was curious if anyone else experienced this issue.

Thank you very much for your full support and service on this.

1) Increase % of people which can click 2 times before page fully loaded.

2) I can’t give you support if you haven’t bought this template. (Use your purchase account so I can see purchase tag next to your name)

Hi Brankic1979,

I never heard back from you with the questions I was asking on page 7, may you please email me back or post a response to the previous questions? Most importantly question #1 and #2. Thank you for your time.

Talk to you soon.

Hi, First off great theme.

is there any way to make the entire icon boxes on the initial first page act as a button linking somewhere? (the boxes that say branding / logo design / etc)

It’s not that easy because of many styles/scripts are involved into these icon boxes. You can try to wrap icon with A tag, but results won’t be fantastic :(

Hi Brankic1979,

This is pineappleexpress, I just finally got my account back since I lost my password. This is my main account where I purchased your theme / template. May you please help me with the questions I listed on page 7? I copied and pasted it below. Thank You very much.

1.) When you first load the page (usually the first time) and you scroll down to click on a category in the portfolio section, it takes the user / audience back to the top of the page. It doesn’t load what’s contained inside those categories, instead it just directs you back up top of the header…

I scroll down to click on a portfolio categories / link menus but It directs me back to the top, is there updates to fix this issue or is anyone else experiencing this?

2.) How would you remove the (ALL) category tab in the portfolio section? I have a lot of work to showcase but I would rather have the user/audience land on another category, for example the categories in the preview of this template are:


Instead of landing on (ALL) right away, can the user land on WEB or another category? I ask this because if you have so much work to showcase, the load time takes forever and it’s a long load time since it shows ALL , how would you remove ALL or have the user land on another category?

3.) In the pretty photo, if you switch through images (left / right) you can see it flicker on the arrows. Once you keep hovering over the left and right arrows, you will see a next button behind the arrows fading in and out, it’s very choppy and laggy. Is there any way to fix this so the arrows in the PrettyPhoto stays put without it flickering?

1) You can try to edit javascript/jquery.isotope.min.js. Replace
But I can’t guarantee 100% it won’t break something else :( 2) Edit the same file. Replace
            itemSelector : '.item',
            animationEngine : 'jquery',
            animationOptions: {
                duration: 250,
                easing: 'linear',
                queue: false
            itemSelector : '.item',
            filter : '.web',
            animationEngine : 'jquery',
            animationOptions: {
                duration: 250,
                easing: 'linear',
                queue: false
         $("#portfolio-nav li").removeClass("current");
         $("#portfolio-nav li a[data-filter='.web']").parent().addClass("current");

To remove ALL just delete it from the source.

3) As I said before, this is prettyPhoto script, so you shoudl try to check their support forum for this issue.

Hi Brankic1979 Great work on this template. During my work i found a little bug. in the “index-boxed.html” in the portfolio section after sorting the pictures “by videos” i tried to sort them as “Branding”, “Logo” and “Brand design” at this time they re arange in the grid ok but the “ITEM-INFO-OVERLAY” of them didnt work for me (i tried on firefox and chrome) Can you help me fix it? Thanks in advance Beni

Hi bezadesign,

thank you for noticing this. Here is the fix. Add this to style-boxed.css
.isotope-item {z-index: 1; }
.isotope-hidden {z-index: 0; }

I hope this helps…

Sorry for not writing sooner All is fixed now Thanks a lot Beni


I have problem doing page jump to a section from the blog.html page to index.html.

In the blog.html page I put this code in the menu link


not sure why this doesn’t work. Are you using all necessary scripts?

Is there only one DIV element with ID about?


Recently purchased the WP theme for a clients site and everyone is happy. However there is a problem within the Portfolio section.

If I click on the link icon to view all the details, nothing happens. The page appears to want to do something, but then stops.

Here are the settings I have within Portfolio settings area: - Open portfolio single inline (on same page) YES Show featured image in the slider NO Portfolio section style FILTERABLE Portfolio section behaviour NO HOVER (with icon)

If I set Open portfolio single inline (on same page) to NO and click the link I get a page not found on the server error

Any help would be appreciated

All this settings looks ok.

Another client had the same problem, and I think it was the problem with permalink structure. Try one of default settings.

ps: I’m aware you’re doing this for a client, but if this doesn’t work, you’ll have to contact me via buyers account.

You were correct, it was the permalink. Many thanks for your help

Hi Brankic1979,

I wanted to say thank you very much for helping me with with the issues I listed above. Your method and replacement code works perfectly. I’m very impressed on your service and support throughout editing this template. Thanks and have a good one!


Hi Brankic1979,

I love the theme, but for some reason the home feature (where everything is supposed to show up on the homepage) isn’t working even after you specify it in the specific pages you want to show up.


Any advise?

You must select LATEST POSTS in Reading settings.

If you don’t want to show some page on home, you have to use Separate page custom field…

I did all of those things, and nothing is skill showing up on the home screen.


another question: do you have at least one post? For some reason WP can’t loop through pages if there isn’t any.

If this is not the case, plase send me your wp-admin URL , u/p via email form on our profile page…

Hey great theme! One question. I made the footer section stay open. Now it lays on top of my content. Anyway to add a little space on the bottom to make room for it?

Hi Brankic;

is there a way to assign two categories (filters) to the same gallery..? i have some architecture projects that fit within two different project types..

thanks; sokomono


just add an other class name to LI element.
...class="item web video"... 

I’m deciding between the HTML and WordPress version of the Zig-Zag theme. I only know basic HTML and some CSS . Will I be able to customize this site with my limited coding knowledge or am I in over my head? (I have already installed WordPress on my server incase that version might be more user friendly) Thanks!


basic CSS /HTML/JavaScript knowledge is a must.

We’re not providing support on basic stuff, but if you’ve ever worked on some HTML template, there will be no problems.

Help file is included…

Hi In the Portfolio section under the web section is it possible to have the prettyPhoto effect load a website instead of an image? How would I do that?

Thanks so much! Matt

I figured it out, thanks!

Hi I’ve purchased the HTML version. Can you give some instruction on how I would utilize the blog section. Do I need to incorporate my own Wordpress Blog? Is there some other way that folks normally do it?

Thanks in advance. Matt


sorry, but it’s way beyond the support we can give you. There is WP version of this template.

Try to Google about “add wordpress blog to HTML website”

Let me make my previous question more specific. If I go through the work and install WP and incorporate all of the appropriate PHP will it simply drive the HTML blog portion of this theme??

Thanks! Matt

As I said before, it’s almost impossible to do that if you don’t have advanced PHP experience.

Please please answer me this: Why do you and others include blog pages in these html templates?? It is somewhat misleading. I know the difference between a static site and a dynamic site. Since you list blog as one of the template features I assumed that folks must have some way of editing the template to include their own blog info. I am not angry I just would like to know if people make it a practice to update their blog by continually editing the html? This seems with in the realm of support given that you list “blog page” and “archive page” as a feature.

btw, I have purchased both themes but I prefer to not use WP.

Thanks Matt

Hi Matt,

this is common practice here on ThemeForest. We just do like other authors.

To be honest, this is very good question for forum

In the HTML version the second instance of using a Portfolio section does not allow for filtering options. Instead of filtering out different items it simply bounces up or down a couple hundred pixels.

Is it possible to have two portfolios on the same page?

I’ve tried both making a new unique Portfolio and simply copying the same one. In both cases the first Portfolio instance allows filtering and the second does not.

Thanks in advance.


we haven’t tested 2 portfolios on one page, but you should try this.

First, simple copy-paste won’t work, because ID’s must be different. After you’ve changed, you should copy-paste and javascript code from jquery.isotope.js. It’s not an easy task, and medium knowledge of jQuery is a must.

It worked great. Thank you!

Scrolling from menu does not work in Safari 6. Oddly, the menu that appears after scrolling down works but not the initial links at the top.

I’ve checked several other sites using this theme and had the same results. Is there any updated javascript library to install??

Please advise.

Thanks Matt


someone else also reported this. However, we’re Windows users and there is no Safari 6 yet for our platform so we can’t fix this yet…

Ok, any idea about my above question where the two different Portfolio sections do not work properly.

Thank you Matt