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Hi Brankic

I am really happy with zig-zag html, but can’t get pretty photo to display video instead of images.

Can you please help?

Many thanks Pen

Hi amgweb,

here you can find the right code for video

ps: if you’re using video from Vimeo, or YouTube, you must provide full URL (not shorten one)

pps: Also, Vimeo must start with http not https

Hi Brankic, Under the portfolio section, there are a series of portfolio categories that you can set and they show up on the front page. They are also clickable which shows portfolio items for just that category. Is there a way to have that same functionality on the blog or have a away to display the categories under the header section?


filterable effect is available only for portfolio items.

thank you so much for making such a wonderful theme!

I’m having trouble getting flash content to load in my portfolio. I’d like it to load in the prettyphoto windows and I’ve tried everything. I’ve read your demo file, and the faq, as well as the demo on prettyphoto. Nothing works.

Here is the link to the particular page where I’m having trouble:

I’ve spent hours on this already and I’m sure I’m just doing something stupid.

Would greatly appreciate any help you could give me :)

Please send me your wp-admin URL , u/p (via email form on our profile page) so I could fix this for you. Also, please include your question into this email

Hi Brankic.

Your theme is awesome, but I have some troubles with the slider, so I need your help. When you load the page, the slider doesn’t appears until the second caption. I checked this in some computers and happens the same in all of it.

Here is the link to my page:

Thanks a lot! ;D

Try to define height and width attributes for slide images.

Fixed! Thanks Brankic ;D

Hi The site works really well in all devices and I am very happy with it, but I have created a second page for the addional news section which is getting too big for one page loading and cannot get the top menu to go back to the right sections on the homepage. e.g. Index.html#about – instead it just opens at page top. I have even tried linking to the full URL . As a temp fix I have had to delete the top menu and replace it with a Home button on the second page. Is there a solution?

The menu at the top doesn’t work in Safari 6.0/Mac. Is there a fix for this in the works?


yes there is a fix

Please use this file instead of javascript/custom.js

Hello, How can I change the top menù items order? If I create a new page it goes before Home.

2) It’s possible to add submenù items in top menù?

Last question: I use Firefox 15.0 for Mac and everything I write in my page is bold. It doesn’t recognize normal font (default).


You should post this question into WordPress version of this template :)


1) You have to use ORDER field which you can see on each page.

2) sorry, but not submenus.

3) Never run into this issue. Really don;t know why this happens…

Hi Brankic, Thanks a lot for this awesome theme. But we are facing the same issue as @RHvdG above. The top menu does not render on the Safari 6.0 on a mac. We tried including the custom.js file under js/ folder. But still no luck..

anything we might be missing out on?

Hi Brankic. Sorry forgot to mention the url. It is:

Thanks for taking the time on this.


you’re using WordPress version, so all you have to do is to update the theme because it’s fixed in updates.

ah ok. thanks a lot. Will give that a shot.

Hello – Does anyone know how to reset just one page from the template? I screwed up the Contact page and want to reset it back to the original Contact page – but I want to keep the other pages as is.

I tried replacing on the FTP but that didn’t work. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance :)

Hi, is there the option to upload/install the site to be the same as the demo site? Thanks Steven

This is HTML template (I guess you’re referring to WP version)

hi there a question for you is there a way to reorder the way the filterable portfolio categories are display … not the id’s … the items in the category now are displayed let’s say A – B – C and i want to be displayed B – C – A

many thanks in advance

oki i found that was enough change the date :) thanks

Hello, please could you help me. I add a slider to my zigzag theme in the home screen. But all i see is a small version of my slider and a never ending loading button.

Could you please help me? thanks a lot

I don’t see purchase tag next to your name…

I had put a few pages in the trash with the intent of holding them there because the “private” settings didn’t make them private. I had intended to use them in the future, but I see they are no longer in the trash. Does Wordpress delete them automatically every 30 days or such?

If they have been permanently deleted, how can I reinstall them back into the template without disrupting my current website?



this looks like WP issue (not theme related). Google about that (I don’t know the answer)

QUestion Please : )

Footer 1, 2, 3, 4 area change:

Is there a way to have this section just show up when one scrolls to the bottom of the page? I don’t want visitors to have to click on the “view more stuff” button to access this section.

Please use your purchase account when asking questions.

If you have WP version, please post your question into this board

ps: Check FAQ…

Hi Love your template but find it complictaed with the portfolio page- what are the steps to make it right? is there any to do list? thanx

I don’t see purchase tag next to your name – sorry, I can’t give support if you’re not a buyer :(O

But – I do purchased..! i dont know why there is no tag..

hello there, very impressive responsive theme. loving it! but there is a problem uploading pics to the slider. it gets only one pic. why is that.

my site’s url:

thank you and good job!

Don’t know why this happen. Maybe because of RTL, maybe not.

I can see slider images in the source, but not in the slider :(

yes direction LTR to the #slider .slides_container fixes it. thank you.

Good to hear this :)


Great Theme, really enjoying bring it to life. 1 small issue I hope you can help with.

1. I want to remove the footer completely and force the browser to always push the contact page to the correct position when I click the link. At present it slides to half way down my browser window. I assume that removing the footer will allow it to slide into the correct position despite there being relatively little info on my contact page.

Thanks in advance! Max

Hi Max,

I can only guess you’re asking about WP version of this template since I don’t see purchase tag next to your name.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy, so I can’t provide you support on this issue…


One more thing. I’ve added a twitter widget to the contact page so it has a little more going for it. As you should be able to see it’s completely out of alignment. Any ideas? Thanks

It’s not out of alignment on my PC at all…

Stretched background image and slider wont appear on site anymore. url =

Any suggestions please? Thanks


I can see it. What was the problem (because another user can’t see his slider)?