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This is great! You said it can be used with CMS , is there a way to integrate it with wordpress? Buddypress?

It is especially made for Custom CMS Admin or any Admin. But you can use it anywhere as your own way because template css is very flexible and reusable. Thanks

If you can fix the problem with the footer moving when you resize the window, I might purchase this. Have you tested this using IE7 ?

I did not use fixed width in .footer-nav that user can use width as their need that’s why it is moving when you use that just fixed a width in .footer-nav. For IE7 – All html and css will perform nicely but chart jQuery will not work in IE7 because here have used canvas and that is not support IE7 . IE8 and higher version is performing nicely :)

I released Fluid/Responsive version today and I added iPhone and iPad friendly version with a new blue color theme. Footer moving issues is solved.

Great looking template!

Thanks :)

looks nice but I can only use if there is a fluid version? File explorer throws up a malware error. Other admin templates with same plugin/widget do not throw up the error. I really like the footer and sidebar but the boxed layout concerns me.

Most likely a false positive from Avast, just letting you know that I get it on your template and not others.


Looking forward to fluid design release!

Hi! chrisrth, I released Fluid/Responsive version today you can check now. I added iPhone and iPad friendly version with a new blue color theme.

looking awsome westilian. Nice work. I will be purchasing in t-minus 10 seconds!

Looks very nice! +1 for a fluid version

also, please consider mobile resolutions..

Thanks :) . I am working on fluid and mobile version. It will be update as soon as possible.

I released Fluid/Responsive version today you can check now. I added iPhone and iPad friendly version with a new blue color theme.

Hi, Thank you for your nice work! after a thorough look at your template I found it very good and suitable for my purpose. By the way you could add sprite usage to the feature list – far not all admin templates have them..

The only issue I have – usually admin templates have grids – different width form elements and text blocks. Your template looks to have simplified approach (just 4 widths) with looking illogical class naming like col 1-2-3-4-5 – quite uncomfortable to use. Could you please work a bit on grid? Thanks and good luck


Thanks @aiia for your suggestions I will look after that and already added about sprite in features list. Thanks Again :)

Wow! Great work! The template is really clean and have LOTs of functionality in it.I just have one question. How quickly (I want to know the procedure) the themes can be switched after being implemented? You said by changing ONE image only. Does it applicable for all colors and patterns?Please clarify.

Hi pletenican, Thanks for your comments. I used only one sprite image for theme of this template. I have given .psd of that theme sprite. You just need to change sprite psd layer color as your choice and need to replace sprite image as png file nothing else. No need to change any css and html. And full process need only 2/3 minutes. And no designer require for that process because in documentation have guideline that how you change sprite color.

Thanks again

At last I found what I was looking for :) Thanks for this excellent admin panel template. I liked the SPRITE thing a lot which is very rare with the available admin templates. Also the cleanness and ordering logistics have made this template absolutely complete. I liked your work very much as you do very organised work in the process. Do you have any plan to develop any other admin themes in near future so that we can use your next products on our NEXT projects? Thanks again. I am really excited. A+

Thanks for your compliment. And lots of thanks for purchase :) . I am working on few new projects. I hope I will publish another projects as soon as possible. If you need any support, related on ziown theme just feel free and ask me.

Overall, I like this theme. I use fluid black version for my project. It make my project look great.

The only one thing that I need is disk image for black icon set (icon-block-black).

If you add it, i will be appreciated :) (Sorry if my language is bad. I am not an English native speaker)

Thanks for that you liked my theme. I think you need disk icon for black icon set. am I right?

Yes, that right. :)

Please send me a message form Email Form Here. I will give you support there via mail.

If anyone is getting the following error:

wp-content/themes/fbill/js/jquery.cookie.js 406 (Not Acceptable)

Just change the file name. It means your web host has blocked this file because it thinks it’s some type of XSS attack.

I am not clear about this error. Can you please mail me details? And jquery.cookie.js is not applicable everywhere you can delete it. Here have no relation with my host :) that it could be block.

@westilian – It has nothing to do with you, or the script. Some hosts specifically ban this file name on their servers (WebHostingHub for instance in my case).

Simply changing the name of this file will bypass the ban as it’s just on filename, not on the contents.

Oh I see I got your point. I will do that. Thanks for your feedback. I always appreciate it.

[RESOLVED] Is there any way to make all the little icons usable as nav-icon icons?

for example – i want to use .note-book-b icon (in the documentation), but if I put .... Nav Menu Title ...

Nothing shows up.. and if I put (this is like the other sidebar icons in your example htmls) Then I just get a rubbish graphic.

Any ideas? [ANSWER]

If anyone wants to do this, you just need to make a clone of .icon-block-black (or the colour version), but use the properties of .nav-icon

eg: .icon-block-sidebar { height:20px; width:20px; display:inline-block; position:absolute; left:18px; background:url(../images/icons-black.png) no-repeat;


I bought this theme and found some broken in Chrome. I put theme under apache folder and use http://localhost/xxxxx

http://screencast.com/t/8Dm1Pzl6N http://screencast.com/t/ieKW2Qvjvwy

firefox has no this issue. please help me to solve this issue, thank you very much.

Can you please tell me which version of chrome you are using? Actually here have no problem in chrome. Please visit demo www.ziown.com/liquid-blue-theme/dashboard.html link in your chrome browser if you see same problem then please mail me screenshot via my profile email form.

Chrome version 18.0.1025.168

This is not actually problem I think your chrome browser is zoom in position. please press Ctrl+0[zero] key hope your problem will solve :) thanks

Hello there, Can it be used for membership sites as members login page and area? And members can pay through paypal in it for the membership?

Thank you!

Can you please send me a private message from here by my profile email form.

I am not clear about your point. Can you please send me a private message from here by my profile email form.

Hello i am intrested in this, as i see this is for admin area. But can i make the same panel for users ? I could do everything from the admin area and they would just be the users and they would have the access that i would allow… possible?

Thanks for your message. Yes you can because it is a html template and you can easily use it any areas admin or user areas no problem its up to you. Hope you got my point :) . If you have anymore questions then please feel free to ask me.

Is it hard to make accounts, i mean priviliegies, like admins can access this area (level1), users can access diffrent area (level2)

I mean the admin area stays like it’s in live preview, just to add for the users where i would have the php script running for them

Hello, Westilian

Good job for this admin template.

Can you tell me where I can see login page, in psd file ? I want to change the colors for login page.

Thank you


Hi Marius, Login page have no PSD . Please check the documentation here I included that how you can change color. I think that will be helpful for you If you need more help then please ask me. Thanks

Is this an HTML5 template?

t is not 100% html5. I mixed up html5 doctype there because of all browser support specially IE. And this template is fully perfect for html5.