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Great work!


Thank you, kinzi.

Hi, nice template. Found a little glitch in the preview, if you scroll the large words “Johnny Doe Web Designer” over the main nav the menu below it becomes un-clickable.


The headings now scroll under the menu. Version 1.0.1 has been uploaded (Envato should approve shortly). Thank you for reporting this.


Can you please describe what you see when loading the preview on your Samsung S2?


I just uploaded 1.0.2 which improves use with mobile browsers.

Nice Job! Looks Great

Nice Job!

Request for the next version: don’t use dash to separate words on class/types/ids names (example: portfolio-list) and instead use underscore (example: portfolio_list).

Asp.net hates the dash and actually breaks the code.


Thank you for buying Zipfolio. Hopefully Microsoft will solve this issue since using dashes is valid and common practice. I will keep this in mind, though, for future versions and templates.

nice work.. good luck!


Thank you. I plan on starting the WordPress version this week.

Good theme for portfolio! Looks great in dark color.

hey hot template. love the video…

Page won’t load in IE9 as long as tracking protection (in IE9 ) is enabled.


When enabled, Internet Explorer’s Tracking Protection and InPrivate Filtering block the Google CDN which hosts jQuery for millions of websites. It’s a step backwards, but the problem can be avoided by serving jQuery locally.

I will include jQuery locally in the next version of Zipfolio.

hi great layout!

Is it possible to remove the double color picker on the left side? If so what script do i remove:)

Thanks guys


Absolutely. See the “Demo Code Removal” section in the documentation:


Thank you it worked ;) Um i might have another slight problem.. switching between my portfolio maps like: ALL , WEB DESIGN and so on.. looks like the code isnt correctly anymore take a look




The portfolio filtering is functional when I visit with Chrome, although I do see a JavaScript error with some of your code in (meta tags should not be inside the tag).

You can send me a message via the form on my profile describing the problem in more detail and I’ll e-mail you back.


HTML tags didn’t show up my earlier comment. What I was trying to say is that META tags should not be inside of a SCRIPT tag in your HEAD section. That’s causing a JavaScript error on your site.

You can expect the WordPress version out in February.

WP, woohoo!

How does one increase the thumbnails on the main page, say from 8 to 12 or 24 etc?

Secondly it would be nice to be a able to add a second row of thumbnails with a second category sort bar, or even multiple sections. I can set this up however it groups all images together where I would prefer to keep each grouping separate. Clear as mud?

Great theme!


Thank you for buying.

You can edit this line in js/main.js to change how many rows of thumbnails are shown.

var max_thumb_rows = 3;

The code behind the filtering allows for one portfolio section. I’ll stick your idea for multiple portfolio sections with independent controls into my list of ideas to consider for future versions.

Thanks you sir!


i sent you a message from your profile page about deeplinking with photos. Can you take a look ?


Thank you. I got your message and will look at this today then get back to you.

kenpool Purchased

Love the template. Is there an easy way to remove a section, for example ‘Services’ without messing things up? When I comment out the whole section and the link to the section, things go haywire. i.e. when you click on a portfolio thumbnail, the Testimonials section appears underneath, etc. Thanks.


Hi kenpool. Thank you for buying Zipfolio.

Yes, you can remove any section without problem.

The reason you are seeing problems is because you commented out a section that has comments in it. HTML cannot handle nested comments. Either remove the comments inside the section or simply remove the whole section which is what I recommend if you are not going to use it.

You can read this for more information on why nested comments cause problems: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3773719/html-comments-within-comments

kenpool Purchased

D’oh. Thank you for the prompt reply. It’s now working like a charm!

Hi Steven

Really love the template, it will be perfect for my work. Only had one issue, I cannot get the google map to work. It’s just coming up as a white box when I put my code in. Below is the code, does it look right?

<script src=”http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=ABQIAAAAPEJg15mztzwpBBy0R_lWNBRKtGOMjIWQxOFxr-zt2HlasnlF5xSPq6cZUENqUZKx1soXoYxVD0SBOw&sensor=false”></script>

Not changed the co-ordinates to that’s not the issue.

Cheers, Rich


Hi Richard,

Thank you for buying it. I’m glad that you like it.

Please send me a URL to your use of the template and I’ll take a look. You can send it via my contact form and I’ll reply via e-mail: http://stevengliebe.com/contact

Hi, i have the template and everything is fine, but I need 2 portfolio sections. I copied the portfolio section in the index.html, and it’s working with the header button I duplicate…but the only thing is that all the thumbnails are shown at once in the second portfolio…I’ve tried to change codes in the main.js or in the style.css but nothing is working…so would you help me with that little problem?

Everything else is wonderful and easy to use, thanks a lot!


Thank you for buying Zipfolio.

The template supports one portfolio section with multiple categories and unlimited pages. When the portfolio section is duplicated, the two sections conflict with each other. You would need to make major changes to main.js in order to accomplish two independent portfolio sections.

Hi Steven. Great Template. Just one question. The client really likes the layout but wants individual pages, no problem there have that sorted but when I change the 700px margin-bottom in the css #sections > section the page won’t load. Any Idea? Cheers


Please send me the URL of the website and I’ll take a look. You can send it via the form on my profile (must be logged in to see it).

Thank you for buying.