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Perfect theme steven! Good luck with sales mate!.. ;)

Wow nice theme! more sales for this :)

what about multi site?


Yes, it works with multisite. The live preview is actually running on a multisite installation of WordPress.

Curious if background and fonts can be changed?


It includes a light and dark background. You can use a different background and fonts by editing the CSS (child theme with instructions included).


Nice theme! Before purchase do you provide the XML file to populate it like in the preview?



Yes, a sample content XML file is included with this theme. Please see Step 3 in the Installation section of the documentation: http://stevengliebe.com/projects/wordpress-themes/zipfolio/docs/#installation

Hi, I like that theme very much!!

I just wonder if it is possible to choose and fix the thumbnail pictures of the first (home) page “portfolio” , or if they are always picked out of the “ALL” folder?


The “All” view is always shown first, then the user can select a category to narrow the items down. You can change the ordering of the items (new to old, old to new or manual ordering). By using manual ordering, you can control exactly which thumbnails are shown first.

Thank you, that´s perfect!

Is there any chance you update this to responsive one day?


I’m glad that is helpful.

Regarding responsive design, probably not for this theme. More likely I will produce a new portfolio theme that is responsive.

geraldM Purchased

Hello, I like to know if it is possible that the photos of the portfolio is a mini gallery of links to show the series of corresponding photo. I speak French and I do not know if you understand me.


Hi Gerald. Each thumbnail represents only one image or video, not multiple images in a series.

geraldM Purchased

and it is not possible to make a multiple image?


No, not if I understand you correctly. The live preview’s portfolio is fully configured so yours will behave in the same way – thumbnails that, when clicked, show the large version of the same image (or video).

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Also feel free to send a message via my profile page if you want to converse via e-mail.

Thanks everybody for the feedback so far.

I think to have the same question as geraldM:

If you klick on a thumbnail the large version of that picture pops up. Klicking again on it takes you to the next thumbnail in large size.

The question: Is it possible/ complicated to modify the popup, so that you can shuffle through a set of images belonging to one topic (for example “End of the Day”)?

This would be so great!


Zipfolio does not do what you describe. Each thumbnail represents only one enlarged image or video. It is a neat idea, but would probably be a somewhat involved piece of work if you were to modify the theme.

Steve I am having problems with the BLOG link and I have read the documentation. Also my when I click on categories I get the following error: Fatal error: [] operator not supported for strings in /nfs/c09/h01/mnt/136665/domains/mywebsite.com/html/wp-includes/query.php on line 1745


Please send a message to me via my Profile Page on TF (must be logged in to see the form) and we can troubleshoot this via e-mail. I’ll need more information about which blog link you mean (the “Top Right” option?) and also the URL to your installation so I can see what you see. Thank you.


For others who may have encountered this, version 1.0.3 fixes this issue.

Also is it possible to create stand alone pages and not have them show in the main page or menu?


No, as a ‘single page’ theme, every page you create will show as a section on the homepage. Only the blog archive is external.

kat719 Purchased

I just tried to install it and I got this error: “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

What do I do?


Hello, thank you for buying.

Did you unzip the file that you downloaded from ThemeForest (contains documentation, theme, sample content file, license, etc.) or did you upload that file to WordPress (that will cause the error you saw)? If this is the case, you will need to unzip the file you downloaded from ThemeForest then look for theme/zipfolio.zip. This is the theme package file you can upload to WordPress.

Here is the Installation section in the documentation with more details: http://stevengliebe.com/projects/wordpress-themes/zipfolio/docs/#installation

Please let me know if you still need help.

I prepared seven screencast video guides. You can watch them on Screenr ( http://www.screenr.com/user/stevengliebe ) or find them in the updated documentation included with Zipfolio version 1.0.3.

Hi, Would it be possible to add a button to go back to the top while scrolling down?


There is no feature specifically for that since the user can just click the menu link corresponding to the topmost section (such as Portfolio) but if you want a button on each section for “Back to Top” you can use the “Top Right” option when adding/editing a Page. What you would do is make the URL for the button simply #portfolio (if that is your topmost section).

You can find a video in the documentation showing you how to make a “Top Right” button for any given section. http://stevengliebe.com/projects/wordpress-themes/zipfolio/docs/#sections

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Love the theme on desktops, but any chance to get it working on iPads, tables?

Thanks, Juan


Hi Juan,

Zipfolio works on mobile devices in general but is affected by a bug in iOS Safari which unfortunately there is no workaround for at the moment (Apple will need to fix this). The problem has to do with fixed position elements (the menu in Zipfolio’s case). You can read some details here: http://stackoverflow.com/a/9407174. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before Apple addresses this issue. Other browsers are unaffected (Android, Mobile Opera, etc.)

If you encountered something different, let me know and I’ll take a look.


Your right. It works well. The issue in my iPad was due the themeforest iframe topbar preview. It made the theme so slow and also the lightbox popup opened right in the middle of a very long page, so I had to scroll down a lot to see the actual image/video popup. None of that happends when the theme is previewed outside themeforest preview page.

Maybe you can warning that in your product description anyway :)

I am confident now and will get it. Thanks for your reply.


Thank you for telling me. I’ll check that out and cause the preview to break out of the ThemeForest frame if necessary.

Also thank you for deciding to buy.

I got it and works as expected. Hey Steven, is something wrong with my portfolio items permalinks? I get ‘Page not Found” when trying to navigate directly to a item URL

Cheers Juan


Hi Juan. Please use the contact form on my ThemeForest Profile Page (must be logged in to see form) to send me the URL of a portfolio item that shows the problem. I’ll take a look and we can communicate via e-mail to get this solved.

Portfolio item permalinks should redirect to the portfolio section on the homepage as long as the item is currently published.

just bought it and installed in in seconds. look very nice. I’m happy! =) Thanks a lot!!


How can I keep carriage return in description under picture in portefolio ? thanks!


I’m also looking to set de maximum size picture by default in portefolio… if you know how…. thanks a lot :)


You would need to edit loop-portfolio.php. On line 49 you should see this:

$portfolio_item_desc = trim( strip_tags( ...

Add this line directly beneath it:

$portfolio_item_desc = nl2br( $portfolio_item_desc );

You may need to tweak the stylesheet to get things looking nicely, though. It was designed for compact descriptions without breaks so that the image has room to display on smaller screens. (wpautop() could be used too but you would definitely need to adjust the stylesheet for that.)

“I’m also looking to set de maximum size picture by default in portefolio…”

The lightbox images scale automatically to fit even on very small screens such as phones so very large images should not normally be an issue. You can customize the maximum size if necessary by editing includes/functions/media.php. Change the width and height on this line:

add_image_size( ‘zipfolio-portfolio’, 1280, 960, false );

Any images that you already uploaded will retain their old size so you will either need to re-upload them or if you have many, use this plugin to automatically regenerate existing images using the new size: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/regenerate-thumbnails/

I recommend making your customizations using the sample child theme included. Details are here: http://stevengliebe.com/projects/wordpress-themes/zipfolio/docs/#child-theme

Thank you again for buying.

any way to get your wordpress export for demo content?


A sample content XML file from the live preview is included. You can find details in the Installation section of the documentation: http://stevengliebe.com/projects/wordpress-themes/zipfolio/docs/#installation

map85 Purchased

duly noted… thanks!


Thank you for buying.