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StevenGliebe Hi, you can pay for a theme webmoney?? I have a problem with PayPal because I’m from Russia


You can deposit money into your ThemeForest/Envato account using Skrill Moneybookers which has options for Russian users to pay with credit card or bank transfer. Log into ThemeForest, hover over your name at the top right then click “Make a Deposit.” You’ll see the Moneybookers option below PayPal. After making your deposit you can then purchase the theme using your new account balance.

waxman3 Purchased

Hi Steven, nice work – very cool Theme!!!

My Question: Is there a possibility to add a “content box”-like list to the portfolio description text? Want to show special features of as a list under my portfolio screenshots

thanks in advance, greg


Hi Greg, thanks for buying Zipfolio. I’m glad you’re liking it.

There is no feature out of the box to do this but you can use lists in descriptions by making some customizations yourself.

Please see the first part of my answer to spoulin23 on page 1 of these comments (toward the bottom).

After applying that customization to enable line breaks you can then create a bullet list (with the editor’s HTML mode) by entering your items into the description like this:

& bull; List Item 1
& bull; List Item 2

(Note: Use “& bull;” without the space between “&” and “bull;” – had to add that space to keep it from rendering the entity here)

UL and LI tags should not be used because they will interfere with the styling of the thumbnails which themselves are contained in a list.

This of course creates a single column list. If you wanted multiple columns and check icons exactly like the section “content boxes” then you would need to make further customizations to loop-portfolio.php and the stylesheet.

waxman3 Purchased

Thanks a lot. It work’s!!! ;-)


Cool, glad I could help. :)

Hi. I’m curious about the Portfolio section. Did you try to load a lot of pictures in it ? How was it supported ? Any slow issues ? All pictures are loaded on page load, or only picture of the first page ? If I plan to add, in exemple, something like 100 pages of 3 rows, this will still work ?



All thumbnails are downloaded on page load (full size images are downloaded only on first click). I have not tried nearly as many as you are planning so I could not say for sure if it would sink the ship, but 1,200 thumbnails is quite a chunk of data for a single page load. At 20kb per thumbnail that’s about 25 MB of data which I would guess will create an uncomfortable wait for most users.

luneland Purchased

Hello, Would I well like to recover the section “portfolio” solely to put it on my template, do exist you him a plugin or just an identical script? Thank you


The portfolio section was made specifically for Zipfolio. It is not available separately as a plugin or script.

I’m maybe purchasing. But first. I would like to ask. 1. Can I use one picture or a normal header in the portfolio section. I dont want all the pictures. 2. Is there a way to make the scrolling a little bit more “smooth” if you know what I mean. Like a custom scrolling. And not to scroll from the top of page? I hope you understand what I’m talking about :)


Hi lemmy,

1. You can make your first section a custom section that shows a large image and optionally retains the “Johnny Doe | Web Designer” and intro line at the top, if desired. Using the portfolio section is optional. You can choose not to use it or you can position it as a section farther down than the first.

2. I’m not sure if I understand your question about scrolling but if you want it to behave differently then you would need to edit the JavaScript. Otherwise your installation will scroll in the same manner as the live preview.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi Steve, We have this problem when we want to extract the package: Can you please help us?

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-1608370-zipfolio-single-page-portfolio-wordpress-theme.zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


The zip file you downloaded from ThemeForest is not the actual WordPress theme zip. Rather, it contains the theme zip file, documentation and licensing. You will need to unzip the file you downloaded on your computer then upload the theme/zipfolio.zip file that is inside it. You can read the complete installation instructions here: http://stevengliebe.com/projects/wordpress-themes/zipfolio/docs/

Please let me know if you have any questions. And thanks for choosing Zipfolio!

Hi Steve, this is all fixed. The site iktinus.nl is running. BUT i have some questions left. 1. can easily change te link to facebook? I will open this site in a new page. 2. after playing the video’s wich where linked from Youtube, sugestions of other video’s will show up. Can I easy change this; so it turns back to the video tab/page or something? Hope ya know what I mean? 3. Can I change the sections and where? for example: http://iktinus.nl/#portfolio ... i want to change this in http://iktinus.nl/#schilderijen. or http://iktinus.nl/#about ... in http://iktinus.nl/#biografie It’s because the owner of this site is an older (well, 75y) man and he is Dutch! all his artvriends too and They have just discover internet ;-)

Well Steve, I hope ya will help me? I am a graphic designer and not a programm girl :-) hope you can help me in simple-codes-languese

thank you and have a nice day Patrice


Hi Patrice,

1. By default the theme causes social media icon links to open in the same window. If you want them to open in a new window you will need to modify the theme. I can point you in the right direction by saying you will need to change the zipfolio_icons() function (includes/functions/customizations.php) to use target=”_blank” in the a tag. The best practice is not to edit the main theme but rather use a child theme: http://stevengliebe.com/projects/wordpress-themes/zipfolio/docs/#child-theme

2. Any change in the behavior of the video would be accomplished by changing prettyPhoto’s handling of YouTube videos. Zipfolio uses prettyPhoto for the lightbox: http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/

3. If you want to change the order of sections, you can accmplish this by using the “Order” field in the “Page Attributes” box when editing a page. There is some information on that here: http://stevengliebe.com/projects/wordpress-themes/zipfolio/docs/#sections

If I misunderstood any of your questions or if you have any others, please let me know.

PS. I enjoyed your client’s artwork. Great work!

Very interested in this theme, do you know if the background can be changed for each section?

Thank you


The background is the same for all sections. You would need to make your own code customizations in order to accomplish a different background for each section.

midmod Purchased

I have a question on page order. Are any new pages created (that get a description as “custom”) always loaded first on the page - as in top of the page when scrolling? I’ve adjusted the order of the pages in the menu to make more sense for my use, so would also like them to appear in that order when scrolling down. Right now, when I click sequential links in my main navigation menu they pass over content from other sections. It would be great if I could reorganize them so they were in the same order on the page (scrolling top to bottom) as they are in the navigation menu (left to right). What is the best way to accomplish this? THANKS !


Yes, you can adjust the order in which sections/pages appear. When editing a page look for the “Page Attributes” box where there is an “Order” field (if you don’t see the box, click on “Screen Options” at the top-right and enable it). Edit the page you want to appear at the top and set its Order to 1, the one you want to appear second to 2, and so on. There is some more information in the documentation here:


Please let me know if you have any questions. Also, thank you for choosing Zipfolio.

goamos Purchased

Hi Steve Just A great Theme. THX

I just need a bit help with something, if you may? do you know how can i adjust the thumbnails pics (like cropping etc) Can i decide what part of the full image will appears on the thumbnails?

Thx a lot



WordPress does not have a feature for editing/re-cropping thumbnails (hopefully later). There is a plugin that claims to let you do this though. I haven’t tried it myself but it has a strong rating so I assume it’s working for people. It’s called Post Thumbnail Editor: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/post-thumbnail-editor/

I’m glad you like Zipfolio. If you have a moment, I’d appreciate it if you’d rate it (“Downloads” in your ThemeForest account).

Hi, does this theme come with the PSD design files? Thanks.


As a minimalist theme nearly all of the appearance is handled using CSS so there is no PSD file. Its images include the background plus some small buttons and icons.

I’ve noticed on iOS devices the scroll effect seems to have the effect of most sites using scrollTo. Is this theme using scrollTo? Once a menu item is touched, it scrolls correctly, but the rest of the menu items go dead until you manually move the page, then the remaining menu items come back alive. Is there a fix for this or is it just an iOS bug that we have to deal with. I’ve seen this on several other scrolling themes, but I am interested in purchasing this one. I’d just like to know about a fix for that if there is one. Thanks.


Yes, it is an iOS bug for which there is currently no known workaround for. Hopefully Apple will correct the issue in an update soon.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

I went ahead and purchased the theme, but here’s another quick question for ya. In the editor for pages, both the “Add Media” and “Add Gravity Form” buttons seem to be disabled. Is there a reason and fix for this? Thanks.

Edit* There are actually a number of things that do not work. The “Screen Options” does nothing when clicked as well, just like the two buttons mentioned above. Same for the “Help” tab right next to Screen Options. When hovering over admin menu items on the left hand side they do not expand to show their sub items. The “Status” and “Visibility” edit links do nothing when click on all posts and pages. The edit permalink button does nothing in posts and pages.

This is quite frustrating as I am finding myself very limited on what I can do in the theme. I activated a different theme and all of this stuff works just fine. Please tell me how to correct this.


Thank you for buying. I’m sorry about the issues you are experiencing.

If you disable all plugins (other than Options Framework) then try again do the problems go away? Also, what browser/version are you using and do you see any JavaScript warnings?

Please send a message to me via my profile page so we can troubleshoot this via e-mail. It will be helpful if I can see the problems you see by accessing your WP admin area. We’ll get this solved.


Problem solved, A+ customer support from Steven. Great theme, solid code, and backend interface is a breeze to use.

The theme just blew up my new install, but I had used it before with no problems. How will I get back to the dashboard with this error and correct the problem? “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _recaptcha_qsencode() (previously declared in /nfs/c09/h01/mnt/136665/domains/baileyandchase.com/html/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-manager/recaptcha/recaptchalib.php:47) in /nfs/c09/h01/mnt/136665/domains/baileyandchase.com/html/wp-content/themes/zipfolio/includes/recaptcha/recaptchalib.php on line 55”


It looks like the contact form manager plugin you are using uses the reCAPTCHA library and so does the Zipfolio theme, hence the “cannot redeclare” error. If you FTP into your server and go to wp-content/plugins you can delete (or rename) the “contact-form-manager” folder to disable that plugin (you could also do the same for the theme instead of the plugin). You should then be able to access your dashboard.

Please send a message to me via my profile page if you have any questions.


That worked perfectly thanks for your help :-)

Another issue I don’t see how to display text for the title rather than a logo? I tried messing around with the General section in the Theme Options and I already have the site title and tagline used in WordPress Settings.


There is only an option to upload a logo and no text alternative. You would need to modify the header.php file to accomplish text in the header. It is probably easier to create a simple graphic and upload it, though. If you do make a modification to allow for a text logo, it is recommended to use a child theme. You can read a starter guide here: http://stevengliebe.com/projects/wordpress-themes/zipfolio/docs/#child-theme

Let me know if you have any questions.

Does the Portfolio support multiple images for one item? Right now each portfolio item goes to a larger image of the thumbnail and clicking next goes to the next item in the portfolio – but can each thumbnail go to it’s own ‘gallery’ of images (so I can have multiple shots of one portfolio item?) – pretty much my only requirement for purchasing the template at this point.


Hello, each thumbnail represents only one large image or video so Zipfolio does not do what you describe. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

This theme seems to have trouble loading in Safari 6.0. The page keeps hanging on the loading animation. Is there a fix or woraround?



Thank you for choosing Zipfolio.

Do you experience this problem on the Live Preview (http://stevengliebe.com/wp-playground/zipfolio/) or only your installation? If the latter, please send me your URL via the form on my Profile Page (http://themeforest.net/user/StevenGliebe) and I will reply by e-mail.

Thank you.


For others who have had this problem with the new Safari 6 on OS X Mountain Lion, a fix is included with version 1.0.8. You can find update instructions at the bottom of this page: http://stevengliebe.com/projects/wordpress-themes/zipfolio/docs/#installation

izzaz Purchased


i would like to ask is there a way to make the images under “services” clickable and linked to another page?? also can the first section be a video/image with the portfolio being the second section? in the portfolio section how can i make the tabs (all, webdesign etc) be on top rather then under the thumbnails also there are gaps between sections is there a way to shorten those gaps?




Hello, thank you for choosing Zipfolio for your project.

i would like to ask is there a way to make the images under “services” clickable and linked to another page??

The featured thumbnails for service items are not clickable so it would take a code customization in order to accomplish what you want. If you make any modifications, I recommend using a child theme. There is a starter guide here: http://stevengliebe.com/projects/wordpress-themes/zipfolio/docs/#child-theme

also can the first section be a video/image with the portfolio being the second section?

You can arrange the sections in any order (see this: http://stevengliebe.com/projects/wordpress-themes/zipfolio/docs/#sections). Regarding having a section that shows an image or video, you could try creating a Custom section with content of one large image or video. For video, you might want to read about WordPress Embeds: http://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds

in the portfolio section how can i make the tabs (all, webdesign etc) be on top rather then under the thumbnails also there are gaps between sections is there a way to shorten those gaps?

These would also require code customizations.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hello! Great theme,I have a pre-sales question.. is it possible to change the background for individual pages in this theme? (for eg. I would like to have combination of white and blue..white for portfolio page,then blue for about and again white for services..) is it possible from theme admin panel or by any other easy way?

Thanks in advance.


Zipfolio does not support a different background for each section.

dkgimage Purchased

Amazingly simple, clear, minimal for both the author and viewer. Just 5 star :)

One suggestion: because of lot of online theft of images, it would be nice if you can implement the right click option disable and restrict the other mode of download and save option of images in the blog section. It will be help the photographers a lot. As because I am a victim of such kind of theft earlier, hence my prime intention to choose Zipfolio as images can’t be downloaded from the portfolio segment. If you can work out something on the blog section also, it will be nice.

Sincerely, Dr. Kaushik Ghosh, New Delhi, India www.kaushikghosh.net


Thank you for the rating and great testimonial. :)

I sent a reply to you on this via e-mail but I’ll copy it here also for anybody else who finds it useful…

Disabling right click on images is worth considering but keep in mind that that type of protection is easy to get around, since the image has already been downloaded to the user’s computer in order for it to be shown on screen. Other ways to prevent copyright violation are to provide lower resolution images and/or use watermarking.