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hey, i bought the Zonda Theme years ago on theme forest, then you’re theme are moved on a other name. How can i download it now?

We did not move anything.

Sure? here is the link… http://themeforest.net/item/zonda-ultimate-responsive-woocommerce-theme/gone/6771022

Also, where can i download the theme withj my old licence?

Good Morning,

How do I manage the navigation menu? There is nothing in your theme documentation for this and I don’t see anywhere in the admin to update it.

Thanks, Nick

Hello -

Our product reviews are not showing up. Can you help?

Thanks, Emily

None of the products have reviews. When someone tries to write a review nothing shows up on the front end or back end?

Still waiting for an answer here! THANKS!


Please send me ftp and admin information via profile page.

I hope to check your site.

Kind Regards

Sorry, lots of questions for you today.

Is there anyway to move the main navigation bar so that if is below the logo?

Hi, can i add a latest products block to the front page as in demo 4 (container featured_products_bx) without having to reimport the blocks in the backend? Can you please send me the code for this cms block? I am missing it in the backend. Thanks!


This is sample cms code:

{{block type=”zonda/product_list_featured” product_count=”8” is_latest=”1” is_grid=”1” template=”catalog/product/list/featured.phtml”}}

Kind Regards


I asked this question earlier and have not received a response, is there any way to move the main navigation bar down, so that it is below the logo? We have a large list of items to include in the bar and would like it to be on a single line.

Thank you, Emily

why cant l download this theme (zip form) now ?

You need to contact Envato support regarding download issue.


I cannot make the search box to work again. For some reason it is not working anymore.

Could you help me please?

The website is in here.


Because of style issue. You set the .quick-access class z-index:-1000; in style.css file.

Please change it.

Kind Regards

Yes. That was the issue. Thanks a lot! :)


I updated woocomerce plugin and i have issues with some templates

“Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files. If you notice an issue on your site, this could be the reason. Please contact your theme developer for further assistance. “

Any asistance would be appreciated.



I would like to know if there is a way to hide products from showing in the homepage like in “All” “Featured” ..etc but that if I click the category on the menu it will show them all.

You can check the website in http://areaderopa.com

Thanks for using Zonda.

You can not hide specific products in homepage, but you can control it by dividing categories.

Hi I am getting an error for the blog. http://vapestoreuk.co.uk/news

SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘ukejuice_vsku.smartwave_blog’ doesn’t exist.

Do you have the table for this so I can import it to the database.

Also Logged in customers cant use the footer links as it adds the requested page on to the end of the existing domain and creates a 404 error please help to fix this issue.

Regards Karl. (admin@vapestoreuk.co.uk)


For the blog issue is conflicted issue with other blog extension you installed before.

Please go to your database and find ‘core_resouce table’ table.

In this table please delete ‘blog_setup’ line.

After then please refresh cache and reindex again.

And for second problem I am not clear your words.

Could you send me screenshot via profile page?

Kind Regards

Hi blog issue fixed, thanks for the quick support.

the second issue is..

When a customer is logged in to their account section and they click on the links in footer for example ‘contact us’ it navigates to the page http://vapestoreuk.co.uk/customer/account/contacts and shows a 404 error instead of going to the contact page which is http://vapestoreuk.co.uk/contacts.

This happens for all links in footer and only when a customer is logged in and active in the account section of the website.

For the categories, right sidebar, in the layered navigation the categories are out of order and don’t match the admin category tree. How do we fix this?


Could you send me ftp and admin information?

I will check your site.

Kind Regards

I have a problem with the plug-in WPML (miltilenguaje) and the template, it make carsh the shiopingcar, can you help my?

THis is for the wordpress one