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Hi – Is there a reason that my portfolio links are “not found” and freezing my website? http://www.melanieamorim.com me@melanieamorim.com

...that you can think of ?

Hi Melanie, could you please head over to the support forum and open a ticket with some login details? So we can take a better look at whats causing the issue. Thanks!

I would like to know if it is possible to change the portfolio displayed columns from 4 into 6 and how can I do this

Hi Toreador, we have replied to your question via the support forum now. Thanks!

I would like to know if it is possible to change the portfolio displayed columns from 4 into 6 and how can I do this

Hi Toreador, we have replied to your question via the support forum now. Thanks!

Hello, your template looks great, but I’ve two questions before to buy it with my client : - when you click on one item of the portfolio, is it possible to show the menu? (it’s not good for our visitors let disapear it). - when we navigate on the parallax, on the blog part, we need to the see the widget on the right. Is it possible? Thanks and have a nice day!

Hi Rashel, thanks for your interest! Unfortunately the theme doesn’t include these options, it would require a custom solution.

Hi, I need to know if zoo theme is compatible with woocommerce and if it works with PHP 5.2.9 thanks

Hi Francesco, the theme hasn’t been fully tested with woocommerce sorry. And will work with PHP 5.2.9. Thanks!

thanks! Is there any e-commerce which works with zoo?

Hi, the theme hasn’t been designed to support any specific e-commerce plugins sorry.


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Do you really check the support tickets?

Hi Borjes. yes, please allow around 24 hours for a response during weekdays, as we are working are often working in different time zones. Thanks!

why i cant add new social icon i need to add other social icons but i dont have options to do that ??

Hi! Unfortunately there is no option to add extra icons sorry, but you can view instructions for adding them on this ticket. Thanks!

Hi Nice design, I have some presale questions:

1- google Pagespeed is very poor 60 / 100 ! on the next update will you increase the spead at least to 80/100?

2- slider is not responsive, is there any way in the backend to remove the slider on Handy? or resize the image ?

3- Portfolio: if I hit on a image it resizes the image to the full size, but I want it under the portfolio Menu, so I can see the menu. Like here http://www.kriesi.at/themes/enfold/portfolio/portfolio-3-column/ If you click to the portfolio, still the menu is visible

4- Blog: Blog page opens full size, is it possible to open the blog page with sidbar ?or with grid like http://www.kriesi.at/themes/enfold/blog/blog-grid/

Hi 3DStudio!

1 – The page speed is lower due to the way the demo site is set up rather than anything to do with the theme. The demo site is not using any caching plugins, contains large image files, is using uncompressed css/js files etc.

2 – The slider is designed to be full screen responsive. Currently there is no option for an auto height style slider, or removing the slider on mobile.

3 – Unfortunately there is no option to display the main menu while the project popup is open.

4 – You can have the blog page open with a side bar however the theme doesn’t include an option for grid layout like your example.


Hi! Brilliant theme :) I have two questions though: 1. How can I make the squared thumbs in my portfolio smaller so that I can fit 5 instead of 4 in a row?

2. How can I delete the “breathing” animation of the logo in my footer?

Thanks !!

Hi Thefeliz! You could add the css below into your custom css field, in theme options > styling options to achieve those. Thanks!
.skrollr .pulse {
    animation-name: none;
    -webkit-animation-name: none;  
#portfolioinner li{width:20%;}

Hello, I’m using a parallax section for a long blockquote, and the text keeps getting cut off on mobile phones and in smaller browsers: http://mgspeech.com/ (the second testimonial, just after the Resources section).

Any idea on how I can make this section responsive, so the height adjusts to show all of the text when viewed from a phone?

Actually, how can I make all of the parallax sections more responsive? All of their contents vary in height, so I’d love for the background container to adjust automatically to show the content, if possible.

THANK YOU for any help and for such a great theme!!!

Hi Great8creative, I see that you have added some custom css to your parallax sections already. Could you please head over to the support forum and open a ticket with some login details? So we can take a look at whats going to be the best solution for you. Thanks!

Will do, thank you!

Hi, I am trying to modify the layout of the portfolio .loadernav bar but cannot find the code for it. I want it to look like this.


Could you give me some directions ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Chauveaunicolas! The html for the loadernav is generated by the javascript in the magnificPopup function located in ‘zoo shorcodes’ > ‘js’ > ‘zoo-shortcodes-script.js’ and may require a fair amount of modification to make like your image unfortunately.

For the simplest solution I would recommend adding your extra content with css :before and :after elements and re positioning them to suite. You can add your css to the custom css field in theme options > styling options. And that will overwrite the original, which is located in the shortcodes.css file of the zoo shortcodes plugin.

Please head over to the support forum if you are needing any further assistance with it. Thanks!

It’s been a while since I’ve worked with Wordpress. Wondering if this theme would allow me to easily add a photo gallery that launches a light-box style window instead of the portfolio section clicking to individual posts. Similar to Denali theme? Love the original layout – this is the only thing causing me any pause!

Hi Mahalie! The theme doesn’t include this kind of functionality sorry, but there a several plugins available that you could use for this such as simple lightbox. Thanks!

Hi! 1. Is there any possibility to adjust the speed of parallax? I would like to make the scroll down function slower.

2. What is the ideal px size for the fullscreen pictures?

thanks a lot :)

Thanks for the reply. Also another thing: I would like the font color of the portfolio descriptions separated from the menu color- is that possible? So for example I want my menu to be white, but the portfolio titles (when you hover the images) in grey.

thank you!!

And: can you recommend a good translation plugin that is compatible with your theme? I would like to offer the whole website in english as well so I would need a button to switch to the other language and fill in my english content manually. thank you for your help :)

Hi! There is no option for the caption font color sorry, but you could add the following css into the custom css field in theme options > styling options -

.rift .caption a{color: #yourHexColorHere;}

I would recommend using WPML for the translations. Thanks!

Hi! Pre-sale question, is it possible to make the homepage slider (superslider) on random for the order of the slides? If not, can I define the order myself?

Hi AgenceSecrete! The superslider doesn’t include a random order function sorry, you can easily define the order yourself. Thanks!

Hi Webdingo,

having trouble setting up the demo content and also tried setting up my own content.. I’m familiar with WP but can’t seem to get this to work.

Plus I cant seem to log in to the support page.

I get a failed to import on some items on both the Demo and Demo2.

I can send over my log in details if you email me or send me a support ticket.


Thanks, Anton

the address to the site is: http://opticshock.antonpelayo.com/

I’ve reset the database and tried importing again. Same problem occurs, it says failed to import on a number of items.

Hi Anton, we’ve replied to your ticket on the support forum now and re-uploaded the demo content for you. Thanks!

hi there, i’ve had this theme for a long time now, recently (i don’t know when) the contact form stopped working. i tried deactivating plugins, nothing worked. i don’t know what else i can do… this problem wasn’t there before obviously. maybe it has to do with the recent wp update? are you guys aware of this issue? please help, thank you.

forgot about the support forum. submitting a ticket now.

Thanks Jolynpeng! We have replied to your ticket on the forum now.


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