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Your theme is great.

but your email/contact form doesn’t work. How to set it up? and I tried to change the email in contact.php.. still, it wont work.

Cheers, Rhod


i also tried it on xampp. it does not work.. please help

If I buy this theme, can I add a linked in icon by myself or I have to wait for your update?


I would like to add a LinkedIn Icon. How is this possible?

wow wonderful work;

runemj Purchased

Looks good, but there are no linkedin button as promised in product details?

I am trying to add photos in my portfolio, but it only allows me to add 6 photos in each category. If I put more than six it replaces one of the other ones. please help is this a error in the theme or is the theme designed that way?

Hi there, cool resume theme.

Is the generate PDF working in the actual product? It isn’t working in the demo.

The template is very good. There are many usability issues though and thus, it needs too many modifications. For instance, in the portfolio section, it is not clear that there are more images in the same category, as they are shown on a layer above the image that is open. So, the margin top of this list should have been larger than minus 10 that is already or to have a background color to distinguish from the image that is open at the moment. I would expect the button that closes the window to be on the right top and not in the middle of the page. It is very nice though if these problems do not bother you

The theme is very nice and responsive, however there’s no support. The download as pdf button doesn’t work.

RicSum Purchased

Hi, if I have 2 tabs, both with an email form, how do I define a second Emailto address?

I have put my address in the config.php, but I need to set up a secondary address for another send mail button.


Hi, can i use this on weebly?