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Installed theme to WordPress and it send me this error message:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare add_less_var() (previously declared in D:\Hosting\11114235\html\wp-content\plugins\wp-less\wp-less.php:391) in D:\Hosting\11114235\html\wp-content\themes\zwin\includes\zwin-customize.php on line 180

Please check your ticket.

Hi, I’m about to purchase this but keep seeing Wordpress, current version, install conflicts; White Screen of Death. @Rbista, is this theme up today? Is there a video tutorial with successful Wordpress, current version, install? Thanks and hope this is working as I like the design

I have a fresh install of Wordpress 4.3.1 and I installed the new v2, but however the menu is not working and I get php warnings in the customizer. Not very well tested unfortunately. Please fix this asap. Im running apache with PHP v5.6.14.

Test connection failed for my contact form. How do I fix?

Saved Changes on Zwin Vcard not displayed on website. How do I fix this problem?

Item support link does not work.

Open support ticket link not working from Vcard. How do I fix this?


FloMo23 Purchased

Hi, unfortunately, the support ticket system seems to be down. Therefore I post my problem here: It would be very nice if I could get bullet points and line breaks in the resume section: Employer Date Job Description - Task1 - Task2 - etc.

Any ideas?

As the support system was still online there was no help, too. My ticket was not handled for a month :-(

1.) I can’t choose an menu item icon (see documentation: Getting Started->Menus->2. Zwin Tabs). It throws a “PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function bcadd() [...]” Well, bcmath() was not a requirement. What now?

2.) On every Wordpress page now it throws “Warning: Declaration of Rbista_Menu_Icon [...]”.

3.) In wordpress’ DEBUG-Mode I was overwhelmed by the amount of php messages: 2x “Notice: Undefined index: zwin-check-updates [...]” 17x “Notice: Undefined variable: shortname [...]” 2x “Notice: Undefined variable: shortaname [...]” 3x “Strict Standards [...]” 2x “Notice: wp_register_script [...]” 2x “Notice: wp_register_style [...]”

There is no other plugin or theme installed…

I can’t use this theme since purchasing, so I will reclaim my money back.

I can not item support, I get the following error; Dalegroup Tickets Error Type: sql_execute_error Message: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1030 Got error 28 from storage engine

Why do not you support ?

Why the Developer is not here?! Is there any way to get help with this template?! Or can I have my money back?

When I click on the menu item it says “Not found”. Could you please help me how to solve it?

where is “6 months support from rbista” amk lavugu


Modiano Purchased

I can’t access to the documentation, which causes me some troubles to correctly set the web page. As author seems to be unavailble, is it possible that anyone could send me documentation? Tnx a lot!


mryagiz Purchased

This theme incorrect, There are language problems and problems can not be solved. Theme owner @Rbista does not support.


cwebs Purchased

page is dead, it shows: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/teos/domains/ziemniewicz.com/public_html/wp-content/themes/zwin/includes/rbista-portfolio.php on line 10” can i have my money back?


cwebs Purchased

one actualization in last 3 years and it destroys whole page… support page is also dead – this is just a theft in broad daylight…

After updating to Wordpress 4.4 (4.4.2) the menu stopped working and authors site and thereby Item Support is down.

As I have paid for support on this item I really hope to get support on this or my money back.

Getting this error message: carouFredSel: No element found for ”.menu .tabs”.

I sent a support ticket last week and have had no reply. Anyone there?