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Is it possible to password protect the resume page?

Update PLEASE .

The portfolio page seems only to show 10 items…. i have 12

How do i show all of them?

daggerka Purchased
I have these same problem… Just go to: http://you.site/wp-admin/options-reading.php?settings-updated=true

And change posts limit.

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How can add HTML code to data entry, example I want to add
or when I add text inside description field

iAloudat Purchased

How can add another language? I mean Make site support 2 languages in same time, do I need to make duplicate to all website, Or there are another way to do that? Hope this add in the next update if that not support now.

How do I change the color of the font in the Profile section? I love the purple, but the font is nearly impossible to read. Also, how can I change the color of the font on my name and my title underneath?

Thank you!

Hey there, just purchased, having a wee issue getting the website to display on the profile page. No mater what I type in the field nothing displays in the browser. Please advise, thanks.

badoeri Purchased

Hi, Awesome blog very good!

1 problem: when I change the profile picture in the “Personal informations” sector I get this “unknown error.” I would like to put my own picture… How can we fix this?


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I have a long email address on my contact page – http://brdigitalmarketing.com – does anyone know how to get around that so it will display my full email address?

RBISTA owners – please respond. I have mailed you and tried this forum many times – no response. It’s been 6 weeks.


You need to make an option so employers can download a full resume in PDF . Please. Thankyou, good theme :)

I need to remove the map from the contact page. How could I go about doing that?

map85 Purchased

any way to add blog tab for posts?

Hi there, any chance to have also a blog page? Thanks for your feedback.



Is there any chance exluding “resume” or “portfolio” and make it “blog” ?

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I really like and using your theme. Can you add a latest tweets widget and blog page to the theme please?

Any idea when a update will be released ? :)

i am getting a crazy number of errors to the point were i can get into my website

Kvanto Purchased

Excellent design and a terrible development.

Do you have an unusual address? – you have a problem, because Google Maps on the contacts page make a point to sea or desert.
Do you have a long address with low letters (g, y, q, or j)? – you have a problem, because these letters will be cut off.
Do you want to write an URL without the http:// ? – you have a problem, because then the address will be disappear.
Dont have vertical photo or logo? – you have a problem, because the shadow will remain in its place.
Do you have links on portfolio items? – you have a problem, because it is impossible.
Do you want to write something in the not Latin alphabet? – You have a problem, because nobody sees it.
Do you want to change the font or color of the letters? – You have a problem, because it is impossible.

Generaly, you havn’t problems, only if you are Andirson Smit from the Demo preview.

Terrible… Terrible… But design is fantastic.

juliwani Purchased

Excellent design und well site organization! But there is one problem, in germany we need for every homepage or blog an impressum page.

How can i make a new site for the impressum content? Making a site in wordpress doesn´t works…