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jbenes Purchased

Is it possible to use a more extended version of the portfolio plugin with this template? (like to click the icon and go to a page rather than just a picture/iframe lightbox)

can i link de field test of my website in the home?! html dont’ work.

Bodie Purchased

Is there anyway i can add a blog or other pages to this template?

Would really appreciate a speedy response.

kind regards


Is it compatible with wordpress 3.5



juliwani Purchased

Hi and thanks for that good and simple template! There is one question, how can i create an additional page? I need an additional page because in germany we need an extra page for lawinformations… Adding a new site in the WP terminal doesn´t work… Thanks!

Thanks for Template! Lok of my Homepage at : http://ales.kapun.org


sscull Purchased

When you click on a thumbnail in the portfolio, it pops up in an iframes lightbox. How do you adjust the pop up box size so that you can see the entire image.



very nice template. quick question? - can there be 2 or more profile on same website? - can there be 2 or more portfolio on same website? thank you.

Oh I wish I had read these comments before purchase. Beautiful design, horrible theme to work with. See other comments if you wanna know why. Gonna delete it and weep, and buy another theme :-S

krooijak Purchased

Great Theme, only one question. Is it possible to display a website on the frontpage without HTTP://

If I enter a website name without this phrase it won`t appear

site: http://www.073design.nl/MatthijsvanNieuwkerk/

Thanks in advance!

riger99 Purchased

Question: When is the updated version coming out? Please let us know. Thanks! :)

amcink Purchased

This template is fantastic! Looks spectacular and offers just the right amount of visual flair without being ostentatious. I wish this theme was around when I styled my portfolio site. Currently, I’m only using it for an online resume but I’ll be migrating all my content into this theme.

Super intuitive; perfect for anyone that just wants a theme that does what it promises. Very pleased with the purchase. Thanks dev!

iblognet Purchased

Is it possible to add a new section called social media feeds, where I can display my facebook, linkedin and twitter feeds??

@rbista, Firstly thanks for the great theme. I was wondering if its possible to change the order of the portfolio items. Currently it displays the last item to be added, i wanted to be able to change the order, is this possible?

Thanks, Gareth.

Hello! I have two questions. An old one that you never replied to and a new one. 1. How can I add line breaks so I can create bullet points in the description box in the resume section? 2. How can I change the color to a color that is not one of your five options.

bhavanr Purchased

They never ever reply to questions – really poor customer service.


Great theme, I think Ill buy it. One question: Is it possible to add a Blog to the Theme? Would be great!

Thanks. Greets.

Can you edit the yellow color and change the icons?

I can up upload images to profile, please advise

my links have stopped working to other pages as soon as i active the theme. can u help