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    Forum thread by BeaE

    Test prior to purchasing


    I just wonder if I am the only one having this question: Can I test prior to buying?

    I have been looking into several multi-purpose themes for Wordpress and then came across X. Actually by the authors’ description every theme is the best, it’s unique and has unbelievable features.

    That’s where I come in: I don’t want to believe what descibed as unbelievable. I would like to see for myself before I buy.

    Is that an option?

    What do other buyers do: Just buy a pig in a poke?

    I can guarantee that I will be buying to theme because I want to get a job done. Buy I need to be sure that the header can be done just the way the designers did it. And I don’t want to start digging the code and alter it by myself facing the risk that I have to do or even check it every time an update is available.

    Any ideas?

    Regards, BeaE

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    Forum thread by kirtikanani

    looking for partner test my plugin and approve my plugin in codecanyo


    following mail got my codecanyo site for my plugin

    Unfortunately your submission Woocommerce Sign Up And Get Discount isn’t ready for CodeCanyon and cannot be resubmitted as it did not meet our minimum requirements for quality and/or marketplace policies. In order for submissions to be considered for sale they must be of high aesthetic and technical quality, unique to our library and cannot be in violation of Envato’s policies. Please see our Knowledgebase for more information: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/399/57/

    Our Review team also provided these comments:

    This item has a nice concept, but doesn’t feature the required functionality and features to be approved as a premium item.

    P.S. For your reference, here are the details from your submission. Woocommerce Sign Up And Get Discount Woocommerce Sign Up And Get Discount is give discount to new sign up user by woocommerce coupon Plugin Demo Features

    This plugin is use to give discount to your New User
    This plugin Work With woocommerce coupon
    Plugin provide Sign Up Popup With ajax
    you get 100% satisfaction. It is easy to set up not take more time to set up in your ecommerce website
    This Plugin Fully Dynamical So you set your email template by admin for coupon send to user
    Popup have left side images so you set your images for get more user for your business

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    Forum thread by coral-themes

    What major devices type do you test for responsiveness?

    Hi, I want to know how do you test your website for responsiveness on so many different sizes of devices? Does the website has to be perfect on every single devices? or there are some major ones that you take care of..

    different device type; i know mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop but then there are dozens of different size in each one of these..

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    Forum thread by Theme4rest

    Any guy can test my "MARK-UP"?

    Hi all; i have created a comming soon template it is rejected. anyone can test my html markup and lemme know its correct or not. show if you r willing to test the markup so ican send u files.

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    Forum thread by LifeForset

    Test my website muse feedback :)

    demo: http://ncdesignerr.com/demo/creativefull/

    please help me, I need upload my muse design for sell tf, regards.

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    Forum thread by sinayes

    Theme Test Policy - HELP envato team


    To test the suitability of the themes send us Have a problem? From aouthor?

    i dont know this policy,

    i want try theme, may be incompatible my special plugins? (custom software written to me)

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    Forum thread by LifeForset

    Test my design for psd for html (I don't want sell psd but only html yes)

    Hi to all:

    CV Resume my psd for example for make html

    Link demo: https://www.dropbox.com/s/poz8g8cew7gjpay/01_woodcv.png?dl=0

    I hope that I can make html only, regards.

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    Forum thread by DigitalServicesnlc

    License and dev/test sites


    We currently have a regular licence for a wordpress theme, which is being used on our development box , But we will then build the full site on its own hosting, the dev site is hidden from google and password protected.

    My question is there will be a crossover period where both the live site and the dev site will be up at the same time.

    is this ok?

    also where does the license stand with having a test version of the website, for checking updates and so on. (obviously any test version would not be viewable by the public).


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    Forum thread by necola


    I want to Sell Wordpress Themes on Evato Market Place , give me a link of Test please

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    Forum thread by NRGthemes

    Test Cases for Testing quality of our themes.

    Hello Guys! May I know if you have any test cases for testing your themes, if yes can you share with us also ?

    THank you!

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    Forum thread by eitch

    Test Domain prior to final publish

    Hi there,

    I have just purchased a template / theme and would like to test this theme on a live TEST domain. Then when i am happy with it i would like to publish it for real. Is this allowed?


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    Forum comment by fillerspace

    Safari and Mac compatibility issue

    It affects Safari on Mac only, and not Safari on PC?

    You can use browser sniffing in Javascript to add a class to the html or body tag. Here’s the code I use:

    var userAgent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
    var browser = {};
    //Flags for major browsers
    browser.isFirefox = /firefox/.test(userAgent);
    browser.isOpera = /opera/.test(userAgent);
    browser.isWebkit = /webkit/.test(userAgent);
    browser.isGecko = /gecko/.test(userAgent);
    browser.isSafari = /safari/.test(userAgent);
    browser.isChrome = /chrome/.test(userAgent);
    browser.isIE = /msie/.test(userAgent)&&!/opera/.test(userAgent);
    browser.isIE6 = /msie 6/i.test(navigator.appVersion);
    //Flags for mobile browsers
    browser.isIphone = /(iphone|ipod)/.test(userAgent);
    browser.isIpad = /ipad/.test(userAgent);
    browser.isAndroid = /android/.test(userAgent);
    browser.isBlackberry = /blackberry/.test(userAgent);
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    Forum comment by quicktutoriel

    Problem with ZillaPress


    Excuse me for my bad english, i’am french.

    I have tested your theme zillapress, but when I utilize IE8 , I have a problem with the script caroussel.

    Détails de l’erreur de la page Web

    Agent utilisateur : Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8 .0; Windows NT 5 .1; Trident/4.0; X2X19 ; Embedded Web Browser from: http://bsalsa.com/; .NET CLR 3 .0.04506.30; .NET CLR 3 .0.04506.648; .NET CLR 3 .5.21022; .NET CLR 2 .0.50727; .NET CLR 3 .0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3 .5.30729) Horodateur : Mon, 29 Nov 2010 18:07:58 UTC

    Message : Cet objet ne gère pas cette propriété ou cette méthode Ligne : 4821 Caractère : 5 Code : 0 URI  : http://test.quick-tutoriel.com/wp-includes/js/prototype.js?ver=1.6.1

    Message : ‘expr.:’ a la valeur Null ou n’est pas un objet. Ligne : 10 Caractère : 2709 Code : 0 URI  : http://test.quick-tutoriel.com/wp-includes/js/jquery/ui.core.js?ver=1.7.3

    Message : ‘d.fx.step’ a la valeur Null ou n’est pas un objet. Ligne : 10 Caractère : 4814 Code : 0 URI  : http://test.quick-tutoriel.com/wp-content/plugins/frontpage-slideshow/js/jquery-ui-effects.js?ver=3.0.1

    Message : Cet objet ne gère pas cette propriété ou cette méthode Ligne : 87 Caractère : 1 Code : 0 URI  : http://test.quick-tutoriel.com/wp-content/themes/zillapress/js/carousel.js

    Message : ‘jQuery.fx.step’ a la valeur Null ou n’est pas un objet. Ligne : 11 Caractère : 9 Code : 0 URI  : http://test.quick-tutoriel.com/wp-content/themes/zillapress/js/jquery.color.js

    Message : Cet objet ne gère pas cette propriété ou cette méthode Ligne : 3 Caractère : 1 Code : 0 URI  : http://test.quick-tutoriel.com/wp-content/themes/zillapress/js/jquery.custom.js

    Message : Cet objet ne gère pas cette propriété ou cette méthode Ligne : 105 Caractère : 2 Code : 0 URI  : http://test.quick-tutoriel.com/

    Message : Cet objet ne gère pas cette propriété ou cette méthode Ligne : 12 Caractère : 2854 Code : 0 URI  : http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.3.2/jquery.min.js?ver=1.3.2

    Message : Cet objet ne gère pas cette propriété ou cette méthode Ligne : 27 Caractère : 13 Code : 0 URI  : http://test.quick-tutoriel.com/wp-content/plugins/wpaudio-mp3-player/wpaudio.min.js?ver=3.1

    Message : Cet objet ne gère pas cette propriété ou cette méthode Ligne : 4621 Caractère : 7 Code : 0 URI  : http://test.quick-tutoriel.com/wp-includes/js/prototype.js?ver=1.6.1

    Message : Cet objet ne gère pas cette propriété ou cette méthode Ligne : 12 Caractère : 2854 Code : 0 URI  : http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.3.2/jquery.min.js?ver=1.3.2 I use Wordpress V3.01. Please help me.

    Thanks for this response. Guillaume.

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    Forum comment by PixelStores

    Strange happenings for wp_localize_script WordPress?


    I’m using the wp_localize_script function to pass a few custom field values to my script and one of the values are numbers.

    When i ‘alert’ the value in the jQuery, the output is correct however it does not correctly work within the necessary script area.. (an option for the caroufredsel plugin).

            prev: '.prevslide',
            next: '.nextslide',
            scroll        : {
                items            : car.test,
                fx                : car.carousel_transition,
                easing            : car.carousel_easing,
                duration        : car.carousel_duration,
                pauseOnHover    : car.carousel_pause,
                queue            : false,
                event            : "click",
                conditions        : null,
                onBefore        : null,
                onAfter            : null,
                onEnd            : null
                circular : car.carousel_circular,
                infinite    : car.carousel_infinite,
                debug        : false,
                transition    : true,
                wrapper        : {
                element            : "div",
                classname        : "slide_carousel" 

    The car.test does not work in the “carouFredSel” configuration.

    The only way the output works if i use the following above the code:

    if(car.test == 1) {car.test = 1;} else if (car.test == 2) {car.test = 2;} else if (car.test == 3) {car.test = 3;}

    But that is surely not the appropriate way for this.

    The wp_localize_script code must working alright as the alerts check seem to show the correct values.

    Any input highly appreciated.


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    Forum comment by Pixelworkshop

    What do you use to design a website?
    1. Design in Photoshop
    2. Code in DW
    3. Test in browsers
    4. Test in IE

    Almost the same for me :

    1. Design in Photoshop
    2. Code in DW
    3. Test in browsers
    4. Test in IE
    5. Code in DW
    6. Test in IE
    7. Code in DW
    8. Test in IE
    9. Code in DW
    10. Test in IE
    11. Go for coffee
    12. Code in DW
    13. Test in IE
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    Forum comment by TheBrightHQ

    New theme feedback

    Hello ThemeForesters!

    I’m new here and would like to ask your advice on a prospective WP eCommerce theme design. Our team would really appreciate your feedback or any advices you might have for us.

    Particularly, we’d like to know the answers to:

    1. Do you personally need or think will need a WP eCommerce theme for this purpose (selling specifically digital goods)?

    2. What elements/functionality would you add / remove to / from pages?

    3. What customizing-wise functionality would you like to see in a theme like this one?

    4. Do you think it differs from what ThemeForest currently offers design wise?

    We are really looking forward to hearing your sincere and honest opinion on this.

    Thank you so much!

    Links to the design files:









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    Forum comment by CreativeBoy

    Russian language shows incorrect

    I got a problem in PHP . I have 2 documents: test.php and index2.php . In test.php it gets data from MySQL db. Data is in Russian. Test.php shows correctly it. But, when i include it to index2.php it shows incorrect. In test.php there is nothing, just it get’s from mysql. There is no doctype, content-type and etc. But in index2.php there are all. My charset is UTF -8 which shows Russian normally in other places.

    Here are both of them: test.php


    Thanks a lot…

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    Forum comment by ThemeFuse

    The Early History of HTML

    The Early History of HTML

    HTML in 1990 – 1992

    HTML is the language that powers the Web in many respects, as the lingua franca that Web browsers are expected to be able to render. HTML has had unprecedented levels of success, and the uptake is all the more surprising when you realise that it was only invented in 1990, and few people knew about it before 1993.

    In fact, although HTML has changed relatively little since those early days, the history of HTML is rather cloudy. However, with a little detective work on the Web, it is possible to reconstruct most of the events that led to the creation and subsequent deployment and acception of HTML .


    Tim Berners-Lee first started to come up with code for his WWW project in 1990. The first mention of him working on code for processing HyperText can be found in the original HyperText.m file that Tim worked on, dated 25th September 90.

    From the 27th to the 30th November 1990, Tim and Robert Cailliau attended ECHT ‘90 – the European HyperText Convention. After ECHT ‘90, it appears that he had some more ideas about the (probably as yet unnamed) World Wide Web, and in the last few months of 1990, he started to produce more code, and also the first recorded HTML documents.

    In fact, the earliest HTML document on the WWW at the moment dates from 13th November – a couple of weeks before the conference – as evidenced a HTTP HEAD request, which returns “Last-Modified: Tue, 13 Nov 1990 15:17:00 GMT ”. The page is still functional in most modern Web browsers, and even contains a functional HyperLink!

    Early HTML Markup

    So, what was early HTML actually like? The following is the code used in the oldest HTML document referenced above:-

    <title>Hypertext Links</title>
    <h1>Links and Anchors</h1>
    A link is the connection between one piece of
    <a href=WhatIs.html>hypertext</a> and another.

    These are the tags and attributes evident from the first five days of Dec 1990:-

    Incredibly enough, it is still possible to create a decent working HTML document using just these tags.

    Many more tags were set out in TimBL’s early formatting test case, probably used to test the WorldWideWeb browser application on the NeXT:-

    SGMLguid + HyperText = HTML ?

    But, why these tags? Was there anything that influenced early HTML ? Tim had mentioned that some of the early HTML documents were based on an old SGML language that CERN was already using:-

    We have included in HTML some tags from the SGML tagset used at and once supported at CERN [...] The HTML parser will ignore tags which it does not understand, and will ignore attributes which it does not understand of CERN -SGML tags. – http://www.w3.org/Test/test

    I did not know that HTML had been derived from such a language until I stumbled across an interesting set of documents from the 19th December 1990, that contained the following unusual tags:-

    Looking carefully at these documents, they are actually extracts from a large SGMLguid document (SGMLguid was the SGML language at CERN that Tim refered to) last modified by TimBL on the same date. In other words, they weren’t actually HTML as I first thought, but Tim was in the process of converting them over: i.e. hyperlinking them together!

    After further study of these documents and others in the same subdirectory, it became apparent that most of the early HTML tags were actually taken from the CERN SGMLGuid language, which itself was a variant of AAP (an early SGML language). For example, title, hn, p, ol and so on are all apparently taken from this language. The only radical change was the addition of the all important anchor (<a>) link, without which the WWW wouldn’t have taken off.

    Pre-1990: GMLguide and GML

    It took a while to find out about SGMLguid, and I had originally thought that SGML stood for “Standard Generalized Markup Langauge”. However, after entering some of the tags from the example document into Google, I found the ucns/stddocs/script-gmlref-tso.txt”>Waterloo SCRIPT GML User’s Guide, dating from October 18 1988, and containing a reference to the language “GMLguide”. SGMLguid is most likely a corruption of that, or possibly a pun, since the version used at CERN was truly SGML .

    The User’s Guide from 1988 mentions the tags ADDRESS , BODY, DL, DT, DD, H[0-6], INDEX , LI, OL, P, Q, TITLE , UL, and XMP . The main missing tag is, of course, A (for Anchor).

    In fact, the tags from Script GML are largely taken from GML itself. GML was the predecessor to SGML , and was developed by IBM . There is a GML Starter Set Reference guide on the Web, and from this it appears that the language has been in existence since about 1980. This is as far back as HTML can be traced.

    A sidenote of some interest may be Michael Friendly’s friendly/gml/gmlhtml.html”>GMLHTML: A GML to HTML Translator for Waterloo Script/GML.

    It is incredible to think that most of HTML was already defined as GML and GMLguide, and that Tim wanted to show how one could HyperLink them together. That’s why HTML is so basic: beacuse it’s actually just a derived version of Hyperlinked SGMLguid, but leaving out much of the typographic junk, to make it easier to learn and parse – I presume.

    As if we need any further convincing of HTML ’s roots in the GMLguide language, here is an excerpt from the SGMLguid document, with a .sgml extension, last modified (i.e. saved) by TimBL on the 19th December, but with a last revised date of April 1990:-

    This manual describes how to build a distributed system using the
    Remote Procedure Call system developed in the Online Group
    of the DD Division of CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory.
    &lt;h2&gt; The system
    The remote procedure call product consists of two essential parts:
    an RPC compiler which is used during development of an application,
    and the RPC run time system, which is part of the run time code.
    Target systems supported are
    &lt;li&gt;Unix (Berkley 4.3 or Ultrix or equivalent)
    &lt;li&gt;stand&hyphen.alone M680x0 (MoniCa) systems (Valet&hyphen.Plus, etc)
    &lt;li&gt;stand&hyphen.alone M6809 systems
    &lt;li&gt;M680x0 systems running RMS68K
    &lt;li&gt;M680x0 systems running OS9
    &lt;li&gt;The IBM&hyphen.PC running TurboPascal or Turbo-C
    &lt;li&gt;The Macintosh running TurboPascal or MPW

    Does that look familiar (after you add </h1> and </h2> tags)? It was actually first written in 1986, showing that the basis for HTML is probably a lot older than people may think it is.


    Still, although there were some basic features by the start of 1991, many of the features were yet to be added, and the language really came into its own in these years.

    Towards the end of 1991, Dan Connolly came on the scene. Here is TimBL trying to describe the basics of HTML to him in October 1991:-

    Re: status. Re: X11 BROWSER for WWW

    Here is some discussion about the tags—where it’s not in http://info.cern.ch/hypertext/WWW/MarkUp/Tags.html I have updated that document now.

    Most of the tags are just style tags: this goes for the headings H1 to H6, the lists UL and OL with list elements LI, the glossary DL with elements DT and DD.

    <TITLE> ..<TITLE> is designed to be used for putting in the top banner of a window, or using as the window name. It also is what you would use in a history list. It shouldn’t be displayed in the text itself, as usually there is a <H1> heading atteh top of the text anyway. A difference is that thet title is designed to make sense out of context, whereas the heading is within context. For example, a title might be “Formatting Characters for Printf—C reference manual” whereas the heading may just be “Formatting characters”.

    The base address tag is not used, nor is highlighting HP1 etc.

    Anchors are used! The REL attribute is NOT used.

    <ISINDEX> is sent by servers to indicate that they will accept a search given this document name plus keywords. It turns on a search panel when the document is the main window. An even better implementation would have a keyword field at the bottom of the text window if the document is a searchable index. That would make the document more self-contained as an item in the user’s eyes, and reduce screen clutter.

    <NEXTID> can be ignored by browsers, only needed for editors.

    <XMP> and <LISTING> are used to indicate inserted literal text. To make life easier for those writing documents (and because we don’t have entities in the code yet) they are special in that EVERYTHING is litteral text until the closing tag – so one can use XMP for giving examples of HTML for example. (We really need an escaping method – the next parser will have simpl entities like ”&lt.” for ”<”.) Within XMP or LISTING , newlines are significant (and mean “new line”!)

    <PLAINTEXT> is used to indicate that the rest of the file is in fact just ASCII . It turns off SGML parsing completely. It’s a fudge for the moment, until we have the document format negociation. ________

    Structure of documents:

    In writing a new generic parser, I wondered whether your text object will store the nested structure of a document. At the moment, the document is a linear sequence of styles: you can’t have lists within lists, etc. Ideally, it would be able to handle this – although its more difficult for a human writer to handle when formatting the document. I would in fact prefer, instead of <H1>, <H2> etc for headings [those come from the AAP DTD ] to have a nestable <SECTION>..</SECTION> element, and a generic <H>..</H> which at any level within the sections would produce the required level of heading.

    For a browser, it is quite satisfactory to flatten the structure back into a sequence of styles, but for an editor it isn’t.

    Tim and Dan, and a few others started to work on standardizing the language, and making it easy to implement. It is at this point that things started to get messy…


    With 1992 came (some) stability. See the HTML page.

    One of the related files contains a very important idiom:-

    It is required that HTML be a common language between all platforms. This implies no device-specific markup, or anything which requires control over fonts or colors, for example. This is in keeping with the SGML ideal.

    However, HTML suffered greatly from the lack of standardization, and the dodgy parsing techniques allowed by Mosaic (in 1993). If HTML had been precisely defined as having to have an SGML DTD , it may not have become as popular as fast, but it would have been a lot architecturally stronger.


    The first official standard for HTML ( HTML 2 .0) came out in November 1995: way too late!

    HTML has been in use by the World Wide Web (WWW) global information initiative since 1990. This specification roughly corresponds to the capabilities of HTML in common use prior to June 1994. HTML is an application of ISO Standard 8879:1986 Information Processing Text and Office Systems; Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML).


    The early work on HTML was 99% forwards compatable, and it has certainly withheld the test of time. I hope that by examining the roots of HTML , I have deepend my own and others understanding of HTML , and where it is going.

    Comments on this document are welcome. Please send comments sean%40mysterylights.com.

    Sean B. Palmer

    The Early History of HTML

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    Forum comment by RafalBorowski

    How can ThemeForest prevent "missing style.css" issues once and for all?

    How about a test for buyers? And I know what you gonna say they won’t do it because if someone has to pass a test (like we did as an authors) they would let it go and didn’t buy the theme.

    But what if you let them register without test and when they buy a wordpress theme and click download button to actualy get the file they would have to fill this test. You could have it as simple as for example for WP themes question about the style.css, or for the HTML file a question like for example “Can I upload it to wordpress” (this would take care of dudes trying to run your html templates on WP) etc. After making all the questions correct account would remember your passed test and would not show it again on this type of files (for example if you buy more WP themes). Or maybe do just one test instead different one for different types of files… dunno what would be better.

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    Forum comment by LuisGarica

    In need of help with Inovado theme..

    Hey charlie4282, its me again. You have been so helpful with everything thank you.

    I have one question that is not related to the theme inovado, but I was hoping that you can help.

    I’m looking for a plugin for wordpress where you can set up a personality test. For example:

    I would like to set up a personality test. There are five personalities that I want to talk about in the test and set up a series of question that can identify the personality of the person who is taking the personality test. I’m sure you seen this before.

    I have created five PDF files. Each PDF file reveals more characteristics on a particular personality. Depending on how the user answers the test, the user can download a particular PDF file to read more about their personality.

    What I need is a plugin that can set up some personality question.

    I also need a plugin that can choose and/or determine which PDF file to send to the user after they completed the personality test base on how they answered the question?

    Do you know of a plugin that can do that? If so, can you send me a link.

    Thank you.