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Hey there, I’m 8thModeMusic, and I’m a professional Composer and Guitarist.

I love creating emotion through music, and giving that music a purpose in serving a picture, game or any kind of project. I have a passion for composing, playing guitar and piano, and all things cinematic.

I compose in a wide variety of genres, including ambient guitar, orchestral, solo piano, electronic, and cinematic music.

Thanks for visiting my profile and checking out my music. Remember to leave a comment and a rating!

– Save with these Music Packs! –

Orchestral Comedy Bundle 2 – A brand new bundle of 4 Orchestral Comedy Tracks.

Orchestral Comedy Bundle – A bundle of 5 Orchestral Comedy Tracks.

Emotional Electric Guitar Bundle – A bundle of 6 Electric Guitar focused Tracks.

Emotional Piano Bundle – A bundle of 5 different Beautiful Piano Tracks.

– Recent Tracks –

Challenger – A Tense and Building Hybrid Orchestral Suspense and Drama Track.

Cunning and Comedic – A Goofy and Fun Orchestral Comedy Track.

A New Year – A Soft and Melodic Emotional Electric Guitar Track.

Melancholy – A Somber and Emotional Solo Piano Track

I’d love to check out and feature any projects that use my tracks – be sure to message me and share your stuff!

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