All Around Geek For Hire

The short and sweet:

  • I have a double bachelors in Classical Philology and Studio Art
  • My first design gig was in 1989 while still in middle school and I’ve been doing it ever since
  • I started in print and moved into web design and development in 1998
  • In addition to corporate work, I’ve been doing freelance design and illustration since the early 90s, everything from invitations for a United States Post Office employee dinner, to album covers and inserts, to creating websites for small businesses

My full qualifications are available on my website.

The slightly longer answer:

I was born in a midwestern capital in the mid-seventies to a pair of musicians and then spent many of my formative years traveling around the country with them. I was graced with a family full of creatives who encouraged me from the start to explore and expand on my own passions and projects. Some of my earliest memories are of my grandfather expounding on design principles while he let me “help” him design displays for the store where he was employed.

Fast-forward thirty-odd years to today. I live in the East Bay near San Francisco, California, practically in the shadow of Mt. Diablo. I write; I draw. I came; I saw; I co—ahem I’m working on some stories for publication with another author, and have several art projects in the works, mainly new knotwork pieces. I sing and play the piano and I’m looking to get involved with a local acting group when auditions roll around again. In what spare time that leaves me, I play MMOs like Star Wars The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2 and I am the guild leader of Seelund Trading Co.


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