My name is David and I love to do web development.
I have worked with:
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Mysql
  • Postgress
  • Oracle

Now a little descriptions of the main differences of my grid plugins (if you have problems deciding which one to buy)

Ultimate Grid Responsive Gallery:
This is just a HTML, CSS, jQuery script, you add the images and the text for the caption and lightbox manually all with pure HTML markup! in that way you can add images from external url and also you can use a programming language to create the HTML markup as PHP or Java if you want!
Auto Grid Responsive Gallery:
This plugin use PHP, and it automatically scans a folder of images in your server and add them to the grid, you don’t have to create the HTML markup for each image, you only drag and drop images into a folder and the plugin will read them automatically and it will add them to the grid! Also in this main folder you can create subfolders and inside put images and those will be the categories that appear at the top in the filter navigation bar! All is automatic, you don’t have to add any HTML markup for the images. (the text of the caption is the name of the images).
Auto Albums – Multi Level Responsive Grid:
This one works similar to the Auto Grid Responsive Gallery because it scans a folder in your server also, but in this one the folders are handled as albums and you can have infinite levels of albums (folder inside a folder inside a folder etc.) you don’t have a filter navigation bar at the top but you do have a navigation so you can go back in any level of your folders.


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