WordPress Awesomeness!

We are a two-man team working full-time at and dishing out absolute awesomeness in the form of WordPress themes.

So, watch this space! Add our new item RSS feed to your
awesome list and peep our tweets if you know what’s good for you.

Our brains are plump with theme ideas and our mini-fridge
is stocked with Red Bull… it’s time to kick arse!


Having happy customers makes us feel all special inside. So, we take great pride in providing you with outstanding support and documentation for all of our themes. Go get some…


If you DO buy one of our themes you will…

  1. get a tingly feeling in your tummy
  2. become some kind of local hero and almost certainly star on the local news
  3. help an angel get her wings
  4. dance with wolves and become cooler than Fonzie
  5. be emotionally elevated to heights you’ve never before dreamed of being able to reach

If you DO NOT buy one of our themes you will…

  1. have dreams of a man with a handlebar mustache and a distinct lisp
  2. be the victim of a cyber-crime involving body odor and peanuts
  3. experience frightening darkness when you close your eyes accompanied by a low demonic growl
  4. be unable to make it to the toilet in time and have an accident
  5. grow a sad face and punch yourself in the neck daily

* Disclaimer: Batteries not included.