Welcome! Hope you find something you like!

I will only provide support if you are polite! No one likes attitudes, neither do I!

Just a brief little important piece of information.

All the files belonging to my portfolio are accompanied by a very descriptive manual of installation and customization. All the files you will buy from us will be easy to install and made in such fashion that all you need to do is drag and drop! Guaranteed 100% :)

Preview informations!

All previews that are offered in multiple colors are packed individually to make it as easy as possible for your customization! Attention! The preview frame, meaning, the iPhone frame is not included in the pack! If you wish to purchase it, please send a message through the contact form on the right side of the page here.

1. Support for my marketplace items

All items from my portfolio come along with a very detailed instructions manual. These include:
  • Installation Instructions
  • Customization Instructions for the file’s default usage
  • Customization Instructions for how to edit the file in depth, if you want more than the file can offer
  • We do NOT reply to questions that are covered by the documentation! Please take the time to read the provided help file!

I will gladly offer free support for my files, if I have omitted information regarding installation of the file and customizing for items default usage. If you wish to have your file customized in depth, add new features perhaps, remove certain features, then freelance rates apply. Price depends per project, time spent to edit, what modifications you want added to the file.

2. Customization of other Marketplace files

If you need a file from the marketplaces customized to suite your needs, feel free to contact me at using the form on the right side and I will gladly help you customize any marketplace file for a small freelance fee! Freelance rates depend on the total time spent to modify and customize the file to suite your needs!

3. Wall of shame!

We’re really really fond in helping our customers and providing top notch support, but there are an ocasional few customers that are rude, impolite, require free heavy modifications, or don’t even read the documentation at all, asking for help and rating the item 1 star for now reason. We kindly refuse to work with these kinds of people, and we’d like to give a heads up to anyone who will!

Users permanently banned from recieving support:
  • absente: asks for support, doesn’t wait for his enquiery to be checked and a solution be found if needed, and directly rates the item 1 star.
  • nalanchuan: doesn’t ask for support, doesn’t read the documentation, doesn’t check compatibility, directly rates 1 star
  • gluegl: asks for free support, after not recieving free support, threatens and rates multiple files he purchased 1 star, unrelated to the issue.

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