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I am Jennifer Perrin. I am a web developer, avid Blogger and I really am just generally nuts about all things code, color and design.

I currently work full time for BAE Systems programming and coding web based applications. I work with a wonderful team writing and debuging PHP/MySQL, Javascript and jQuery using an array of technologies and applications.

Due to my busy schedule and hectic life, I am not accepting any Freelance projects at this time.

Read the ramblings on my website & blog.

Currently, I am working on…

January 19th 2015

The update for Fess Up is in the queue, and awaiting approval. This is a miner update – fixing the encoding bug that was not displaying special characters correctly. This fix will not fix confessions all ready posted. It will only apply the fix to any new confessions.

December 21st 2014

New Sneak Peak of Reside’s Front End.
I was not happy with the way Reside was shaping up, so true to my constant self-criticization, I revamped Reside again.

I would love to hear feedback on the current design/layout.

December 2014

I have started the next Major Update to Reside Property Management. I have a lot of great things planned for the update, and will be adding in as many buyer requests as I can. I expect the update to take some time, and I will post here once I get a better estimate for a release date.

Thanks to everyone, I really appreciate your comments and feedback!


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