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You have come to the right place to find quality royalty-free music and idents for your projects. I hope, you will easily find the needed music for presentations, movies, commercials, slide shows, documentary etc. in my growing portfolio. Most of my tracks have been created especially for these needs.

Check out some track selections below. My portfolio is not that huge so far, but my quick search below by keyword may help you find the track you need.


 photo BRIGHTFUTURE2015_zpsf5eede8c.jpg  photo MotivationForSuccess2015_zps4cae032e.jpg  photo CINEMATICDOCUMENTARY2015_zps4b08b86f.jpg  photo CHILDRENHAVINGFUN2015_zps4b8e94ff.jpg  photo GOALSWILLBE2015_zps0715889e.jpg  photo NEWHORIZONS2015_zpse0cf2c68.jpg

 photo Spring_zps494f3da1.jpg  photo YOUARETHEWINNERsmall_zps8ae6a180.jpg  photo CONQUERINGTHEHIGHTS2015_zpsb0c7a2fd.jpg  photo HAPPYSUNNYTUNE2015_zps0b5ae9d0.jpg  photo HAPPYMOMENTSOFLIFE2015_zpseb0f9ff1.jpg  photo YOUCANREACHTHETOP2015_zps57a9130c.jpg

 photo WAKING2015_zpsd706345a.jpg  photo sUNSHINE2015_zps16999c7c.jpg  photo DRAMATICTRAILER_zps6a590140.jpg

 photo Motivational PACK 1new_zpsioao1vej.png  photo Motivational PACK 2_zpsoydzzzdu.png  photo HAPPY UKULELE amp PIANO PACK 1_zps99uymu7b.png

 photo BUTTONCorporate_zps20bff61f.png photo BUTTONFolkAcoustic_zpsfebf3a42.png photo BUTTONCinematic_zpse09409e0.png photo BUTTONChildrens_zps659e1881.png  photo BUTTONLiteRock_zps1bde1732.png photo BUTTONLogosIdents_zpsc80b1f6f.png photo BUTTONWorldBeat_zpsff2d7b3c.png photo BUTTONChristmas_zps3720b788.png  photo Happy_zpsb5d682f3.png photo Fun_zps5c3e9587.png photo epic_zpsc9b674fd.png photo Funnycomic_zpsf429f1a4.png photo Romantic_zpsd0dfcfff.png photo Hopeful_zps29b3e41a.png photo Inspiring_zpsa02402d7.png photo Energetic_zpsa90d7c9f.png photo Motivational_zps5de879cf.png photo Dramatic_zpsc09230d0.png  photo 6GuitarHarmonics_zps8affc167.png photo 4Ukulele_zpsd2a4da40.png photo 2AcousticGuitar_zps8bc99205.png photo 5Bells_zps8339bb16.png photo 1Piano_zps6b9b8f51.png photo 3ElectricGuitar_zpsdcd3585c.png photo 8Whistling_zpsb3faa86b.png photo 7Orchestra_zpsa79a6380.png photo 9Mandolin_zps6512a6e4.png photo 11CinematicDrums_zps762beab1.png photo 13Synths_zps6a0e0660.png photo 12FlutesWoodwinds_zpsa9e30573.png photo 15BackgroundVocals_zps65f4afff.png photo 14Accordion_zpsb7f6de80.png  photo Adverts_zps3b911010.png photo Business_zpsacc582c5.png photo Presentations2_zps886c3127.png photo Travel_zpsd94ee098.png photo News_zps8dfa921f.png photo Fashion_zps8c04c75c.png photo Documentary_zps90c6ab55.png photo Kids_zpsd4d7e793.png photo Cartoons_zpsddbd643d.png photo TrailersMovies_zpsaeba7527.png photo Wedding_zpsfcafeb2f.png

A few words about me

I am a composer, musican, mixing engineer and soundproducer. I studied music since childhood. In my studio, which I set up a couple of years ago, I have recorded many pop and rock songs by local artists, made a package of jingles for a radiostation. I play all kinds of guitars, ukulele, keyboards, which I use in my recordings. I am always growing and improving my skills, eventually approaching the world recording quality standards.

I’m grateful to everyone who supports my work. This is so exciting when you realize that your work has been appreciated and used for some purpose. Buy the way, I would love to know where you use my music, so feel free to leave a link for your project in a comment on the track, or contact me right from my page (“Email Neoradius” box)

If you like my creativity, you are welcome to bookmark my page and check for new music. I will be grateful for your ratings, too.

And lastly, I welcome all authors from Envato Marketplaces, who happened to pick my music for their project, to use any of my previews. I would only ask you to place a link to my track in your description, and to inform me about that. In turn, I will place a link to your project on my page, too – as everyone practices through Envato Marketplaces. Thanks!

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