Your direct, online music, voice-over and sound effect source.

DP Royalty Phree™ is a custom, royalty-free music provider with in-house recording, production and marketing services. Choose from a wide variety of genre to match the specific mood you want to create and the atmosphere in which to surround your products. You can either pay per usage or subscribe to our monthly service to enjoy more freedom of choice in your selections. And, our services are scalable and customizable. All of our themes are available to edit and adjust for time perimeters. And, we can create whole, new branded themes for your use and ownership. All these services, and more, are all available in one location!

Some of the genre we offer:

Uplifting Scales – Up tempo and energetic, these selections promote a positive musical message to link to your products and services. Our themes range from heartfelt acoustic instrumentals to upbeat pop/rock numbers.

Quiet Moods – We wrote these to be mellower, more subtle themes that feature a number of soothing acoustic and electronic instruments set against a backdrop of ambient tones and rhythms.

New Vintage – Choose from a catalog of vintage instruments and themes to offer a more homey, old-time feel to your products and services. These themes draw up images of yesteryear and still maintain a connection to the present.

Country Rhythms- The incredible appeal of modern country is available to you in full lustrous “Nashville” quality sound that allow you to match the mood to your message. And, our themes of twangy guitars and honky-tonk pianos provide an authentic southern flair.

Sounds like…- Take a listen to our ever building catalog of sound effects, zingers, bumpers, intros, and outros to find the punch you need.

Voices and Characters- We offer a number of preset copy recordings and can also produce voice over and ad spots from your copy or in conjunction with our writing staff.

Custom Production – If you like our Royalty Free selections, and need custom work, please contact us for details!


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