Customer Support Issue

Customer support become a big issue in PrimaThemes on the last 2 months. It is simply because we are back to be single fighter (one man) on the last 2 months and we had no time for timely support because of some personal issues/incidents in our real life.

Move Forward

We are bringing two new full-time members to PrimaThemes that will start to join us effectively on 19 May, 2014. We hope these two members will bring PrimaThemes back to our standard performance or better.

Notes to our customers

We understand your frustation, but writing bad/angry comments will not help you at all. We appreciate your patience when we are fixing this issue. We are not running away from you. BUT, if you are give up on us, or probably start asking for possible refund, please contact Envato Support directly. They will help you.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Again, your theme support queries will be started to be answered on 19 May, 2014.

Thank you very much.

Agus (on behalf of PrimaThemes)

About Us

Note: This is new account of “new PrimaThemes” team from “previous PrimaThemes” developer.

Where is WP FlexiShop 2 WordPress Theme?
Why is it not under PrimaThemes account now?

Please read the latest update about this change here

Quick note: The “previous PrimaThemes” account name has been changed to FlexiPress. If you are looking for official support for FlexiShop 2 WordPress Theme, you can use WP FlexiShop 2 comment form or FlexiPress contact form

If you have any question, feel free to contact us

PrimaShop for WooCommerce – Clean WordPress Theme

PrimaShop for WP E-Commerce (WPEC) – Clean WordPress Theme


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