Yuar's collections

  • Sunny Island

    Sunny Island

    By Yuar

    It's a collection of sunny, positive and bouncy tunes in reggae, afro and Caribbean styles.

    10 Items
  • Save Your Money & Time

    Save Your Money & Time

    By Yuar

    Save your money and time by using our music packs!

    31 Items
  • Calm & Peaceful

    Calm & Peaceful

    By Yuar

    The collection of calm, peaceful and relaxing tunes in different music styles.

    33 Items
  • Around the World

    Around the World

    By Yuar

    The collection of Middle Eastern, Celtic, Jewish, Jamaican, Latin and Gipsy tunes.

    17 Items
  • Rocking Hard

    Rocking Hard

    By Yuar

    The collection of energetic, powerful and groovy rock, hard rock, punk, alternative and heavy metal tunes. Perfect for extreme sports videos, action scenes and projects with young people and teenagers.

    44 Items
  • Happy & Uplifting

    Happy & Uplifting

    By Yuar

    The collection of happy, sunny and uplifting motivational tunes. Very suitable for TV commercials, presentations or any other projects that need a joyful, happy and positive atmosphere.

    56 Items
  • Best Sellers

    Best Sellers

    By Yuar

    The collection of top 10 best selling tracks by Yuar.

    10 Items
  • Love Stories

    Love Stories

    By Yuar

    The collection of romantic, sentimental, passionate and gentle tunes about love. Ideal for wedding videos, photo slideshows, Valentines Day, commercials or any projects about love.

    42 Items
  • Cinematic


    By Yuar

    The collection of soundtracks for films of different genres (adventure,comedy,romance, etc.)

    46 Items
  • Business & Success

    Business & Success

    By Yuar

    The collection of inspirational and motivational tunes for your corporate videos, business presentations, commercials etc.

    74 Items
  • Christmas & New Year

    Christmas & New Year

    By Yuar

    The collection of bright, magic and enchanting original tunes with winter holidays mood.

    18 Items
  • Children's


    By Yuar

    The collection of fun, playful and childish tunes.

    19 Items