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Versatile on the internet and professional in each of our specialties. We specialize in three major fields of digital services.

  • 1. Professional Audio Mastering
  • 2. Professional Media Services
  • 3. Professional Video, Audio and Website Services

1. Mastering a music soundtrack is an art and requires the best musicians and audio equipment. This is what we provide to any musician. From the simplest tune to the most complicated composition is welcome. Our qualified ghost musicians produce excellent radio quality soundtracks which you can broadcast with confidence.

As a service to DJs’, our experienced electronic musicians can create new music mixes from your compositions. A constant flow of new soundtracks composed and build up for you so that you never run out of new sound. You will also get the credit for the music. Activedia ghost electronic musicians are the reliable back-up for hardworking DJs.

2. Everyone wants a professional modern looking website that will impress visitors. Activedia Media provides a large variety of beautifully designed templates to choose from. The best freelance graphic designers in the world, create for us.

All you have to do is choose your favorite or fitting template and give us your information and we edit your template super professionally to personalize it for you. Once your website template is personalized it is also unique.

3. Website construction is a delicate matter. Activedia will save you time and trouble to set-up an effective website for you. We also work with WordPress and WooCommerce and we will setup the site and add the necessary presentation videos.

We have many, many ready made high quality HD videos clips to choose from. Same as with the templates, we personalize the video to work for your website to present your product. The videos get edited by experts and we use the best professional video production software.

Activedia also designs logos, posters and business cards professionally to suit your style and prestige. We are a collective team, we have 27 CONTRACTED freelancers under the name, Activedia. Welcome!