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Here’s some feedback from our clients:

searchz – Purchased

I just wanted to thank Anna for the wonderful support, it offers the best service support for customers ever I saw! Also it’s a great theme, around this theme you can create a full site with many features and tools. Premium Support!

Luka ?avi?- Purchased

I cannot select main reason, there are many of them.. it has awesome support, beautifull design, queality…awesome..awesome.. If someone wants to begin with real estate, this it theme for them.

Jean-Daniel Pitteloud – Purchased

Next month I will prepare a website for a real estate company in Miami, I will definitely buy your theme for that, It is very complete and useful.


I would like to thank you for the access. I just downloaded and installed your theme, really good work, really nice organized and clear. Thx a lot. Best regards, Paul


I’d just like to say I really love the theme. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Again, love the effort and work that you’ve put into it. All the best for the new year ahead.”

lovenotlove PURCHASED

“Hi Anna. Thanks for all your support. Now everything is working smoothly and the theme is great!”

Nerijus Mikolaitis

“Thank you so much. You have been a great help, and we are really impressed how fast you are and the support we have received. Thank you once again!”

Adam Lurie

“I am really happy with the support from you and the team and would happily purchase future templates, great work, thank you!”

Sergio Velazco

“Thank you very much and congratulations as it the best template for real estate I have seen.


“Thank you for this amazing theme you have developed its one of the best real estate themes we have seen. Well done again on this fantastic theme!”


“I have bought this theme and it’s great, I recommend it 100%. Their support is amazing too. Go for it!”


“What can I say about this theme? Is it smooth? Yes! Is it responsive? Yes! Is it easy to modify? Yes! Is it SEO friendly? Yes! Do you get great support? Yes! With this theme you don’t have to be a whiz kid to have a perfect website.
But there is more than this. I have been looking for a while for a great Real Estate theme that offered what we needed. WP Estate has everything we could wish for, excellent design, great features and above all a unique concept with the integrated Google Maps feature. This allows us to start our new concept with ease.
I Would like to take this moment to thanks Anna for the great help and support.”

Edward Lui,”

“I just purchased this and Anna has been a wonderful help. I have very beginner-intermediate level skills for wordpress, but Anna has helped me to build my website and is always willing to help. I highly recommend this wordpress theme if you are in the real estate business. Thanks Anna!


“Hi Anna!!! I want to say what a great job you have done on this theme. I love the functionality and extensive page layouts. The features are awesome and the support is the fastest I have seen from most developers I deal with. Once again thank you for a being the best at what you do, you are truly in a league of your own.”

steveparkinson1963 PURCHASED

“I bought this theme a couple of weeks ago and have been setting it up as an OPEN PROJECT so that I can use it to demonstrate it’s powers and capabilities to potential buyers. As I am very new to wordpress I have needed a lot of “Hand Holding” and a lot of help setting up the working model. I have probably sent in excess of 40 emails asking for help… and every single one has been answered and resolved! Sometimes just pointing me to an existing help file or to a video tutorial, but on numerous occasions she has actually logged in and made the necessary changes/updates to sort out my problem.

Anna is very receptive to suggestions to improve the theme and I know that some of my suggestions have been put on the list for future upgrades.

I was an estate agent in a previous life and something like this ten years ago would have cost many thousands of pounds… grab yourself a bargain from the best supported WP Real Estate theme on the planet!

If you want to check out our progress pop over to targeting southern Spain (Started end Sept 2013) There’s still things to do but its also pretty good already.

I like the fact that you can automatically charge for submissions! So if the Estate Agents won’t buy in to it… then I’ll just run it my self and generate an income from the uploads!! Win Win!

Thanks Anna (and the team) for everything…”

johnagdelo PURCHASED

“I recently purchased this theme for a new realtor client. I was and am impressed with the features and attention to detail that this theme provides. I am most impressed with the support I have received for Anna.”

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