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Plastique Banner Ad Templates +Bonus Animated Banners!


The Plastique banner ad templates contains 30 stunning banner ad templates that comes in 6 standard banner ad sizes and 5 vibrant color schemes to choose from! And as a bonus, I’ve added +30 ANIMATED versions of the banner ad templates!!! Yes! You’ve read it right! ANIMATED !

As I always say, banner ads should say it all! Because it’s supposed to make a good first impression to potential clients/customers. It should NOT ONLY look good and professional, but it should also highlight all of the essential information about your website or product. But there’s only so little space you can put all the essential information to. The solution? ANIMATED BANNERS !

The Plastique banner ad template set is not only an eye candy, it’s easy to customize and best of all, it includes pre-animated PSDs, so you can just quickly modify it and export it as an animated GIF in just a few minutes!

Animated FX Generator vol. 1: Animated Blur FX


Ever wanted to create animated web banners, liven up your boring presentations with stunning animated images, or perhaps create impressive videos but didn’t have flash or animation software? Well, here’s the cheapest and quickest solution to your problems! The Animated FX Generator action set for Photoshop!

Most of us don’t know or don’t use the animation features of photoshop because most of us think that photoshop’s just not built that way. But with this action set, you’d be able to do more than just create stunning graphics with photoshop, you can QUICKLY and EASILY create animations.

*Supports any document size!
*Export animations to animated GIFs or Videos (PS Extended only)
*Supports any PS object (vector, raster, smart objects, folders)
*Easy to use with an easy-to-follow quick-start guide

Please do check out more of my stuff, visit my website www.thedraftbeerinitiative.com

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