Hi Friends, Welcome To My Page

Hi, I’m Ded.

I’m a graphic designer and musician. I’m very passionate in music and graphic, I love it. I always try to enhance my skills by learning everyday. here is my best work. You can see it on my portfolio,I hope it’s useful for you and I hope you like it.

If you have any question, please feel free to email me, I’ll be glad to help you.

thank you for your supports and appreciations


:) MY FAVORITE FLYERS THIS MONTH :)  photo divider_zps65e78286.png  photo 83_zpsbf0c8114.png photo 123_zps1b41eb32.png photo 122_zpsd5960e83.png photo 121_zps8e7f7593.png photo 125_zpsc8096967.png

NEW RELEASES TEXT STYLES  photo divider_zps65e78286.png  photo s2_zpsf26fbe83.png photo S1_zpsdc52700f.png

NEW RELEASES MIXTAPES  photo divider_zps65e78286.png  photo m2_zpsb72f77e3.png photo m1_zps9e301abd.png

NEW RELEASES FLYERS  photo divider_zps65e78286.png  photo 126_zpsb991461b.png photo 125_zpsc8096967.png photo 124_zps1b86427c.png photo 123_zps1b41eb32.png photo 122_zpsd5960e83.png photo 121_zps8e7f7593.png photo 120_zpsaa8b7493.png photo 119_zps1ab56bb1.png photo 117_zpsb011b9e9.png photo 116_zps1f5ccca9.png photo 118_zpsb785bb7e.png photo 115_zpse5c0bc27.png photo 114_zps99980f2b.png photo 113_zps4cd92d46.png photo 112_zps492051db.png photo 111_zpsf2d152c3.png photo 110_zpsfb09d37b.png photo 109_zpsd7f80d3c.png photo 108_zps04732081.png photo 107_zps566ebaa4.png photo 106_zpsea87bfe6.png photo 105_zpsc44796f2.png photo 104_zps45d8d3f3.png photo 103_zpsbea9c4bd.png photo 102_zps53a53021.png photo 101_zps51e8ee60.png photo 100_zpsc7e11932.png photo 99_zpse1d3d9ea.png photo 98_zpse8507417.png photo 97_zps270e032b.png photo 96_zps26811165.png photo 95_zpsc0bad145.png photo 94_zps611c0120.png photo 93_zps6c6c50ac.png photo 92_zpsdcbbc096.png photo 91_zpsdca0fb3e.png photo 90_zps81312a92.png photo 89_zps8071b5a6.png photo 88_zps6602080a.png photo 87_zps8e8f944e.png photo 86_zps2ce14135.png photo 84_zps6599fe9d.png photo 85_zps7d6189e5.png photo 80_zps5116ea7e.png photo 81_zps83efe1e3.png photo 82_zpsff7d73dc.png photo 83_zpsbf0c8114.png photo 64_zps0a27a51e.png photo 65_zpsf001747c.png photo 66_zps7a9fb3fc.png photo 68_zpsc94c4374.png photo 67_zps0645c910.png photo 69_zps89b2e1fa.png photo 70_zps9bc16b4d.png photo 63_zps6f0dd254.png photo 71_zps87ecc5e4.png photo 62_zps29448e10.png

PARTY FLYERS  photo divider_zps65e78286.png  photo 16_zps815a49ea.png photo 6_zps4db6bab4.png photo 17_zps4cf6a1b2.png photo 19_zpsdb024dbc.png photo 1_zpsc69862a3.png photo 31_zpsa36bca0c.png photo 39_zpsc2335932.png photo 32_zps164f2720.png photo 36_zpsc6dc855c.png photo 29_zps12bae565.png photo 30_zps8f2fb1f2.png photo 38_zpsc4a2d7bb.png photo 35_zps5c5e33b6.png photo 62_zps29448e10.png photo 44_zps1f7107e9.png photo 46_zps068ba5ba.png photo 34_zps48119574.png photo 18_zps214f46c4.png photo 20_zps8181d887.png photo 2_zps45c14ea6.png photo 60_zpsf9e2057e.png photo 55_zpse3bf3209.png photo 37_zps0a1fc360.png photo 25_zps3d93d9c4.png photo 22_zps1607d819.png photo 8_zps18936e73.png photo 5_zpsb8a15b03.png photo 10_zps0ee44aab.png photo 3_zps84b94186.png photo 9_zps3ecfc6b4.png photo 59_zps29402658.png photo 61_zpsb40caef7.png photo 47_zpse7319c2d.png photo 48_zpsa8a209db.png photo 42_zps3966ed62.png photo 41_zps7959f412.png

LANDSCAPE FLYERS  photo divider_zps65e78286.png  photo 76_zps7785d2c2.png photo 72_zpsfd300f67.png photo 75_zpsa21167a6.png photo 73_zps01affad9.png photo 74_zps43459290.png photo 79_zps607468ee.png photo 77_zps08b903bd.png photo 78_zps5803a326.png

MMA/BOXING FLYERS  photo divider_zps65e78286.png  photo 12_zpsd72c1cf9.png photo 27_zps4dc5a6d1.png photo 28_zps942e0bc8.png photo 40_zps2de0b0e3.png photo 58_zps20f3051c.png photo 33_zpsaa1f7070.png

MINIMALIST FLYERS  photo divider_zps65e78286.png  photo 43_zpsda57ef50.png photo 7_zps2055d90d.png  photo 49_zpse01aa95a.png photo 50_zpsebf6beba.png photo 53_zps5cb75f67.png photo 63_zps569d1b86.png photo 45_zpsd9dd50a3.png photo 52_zpseb66140e.png photo 51_zpsbb4b9966.png photo 57_zps8d3ead20.png photo 56_zps769c51a1.png photo 4_zps3008c09f.png photo divider_zps65e78286.png

INDIE MUSIC FLYERS  photo divider_zps65e78286.png  photo 66_zps7a9fb3fc.png photo 67_zps0645c910.png photo 54_zps2e3813c3.png photo 21_zpsd40816f7.png photo 26_zpsfb383486.png photo 13_zps46bab5ea.png photo 14_zps43127602.png photo 11_zpsf4fec60f.png

 photo 2_zpsd7eebd93.jpg

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