Will my LoL account be safe? Yes. The account safety is taken very seriously and there are many precautions taken to ensure the full safety of each customer’s account. Any safety concerns would lead to less LoL boosting orders, so the services are quite flawless most of the time.

How long will it take to reach the league I purchased? No one can guarantee a specific lime limit. It depends on the division and league that you’ve chosen and the difference between your current one and the desired one. Still, the boosters do their best to increase your ranking quick. Sometimes they will assign several boosters to your account.

I am a very good player and I want to become a booster too. What shall I do? All LoL boosting websites have a contact form. Most of them are always looking for boosters so they might even have a special application form. Contact them and apply. You can never know what will they reply and it’s better to have options. You can apply to several websites and choose the most convenient offer.

Can I play after I bought a boost? It depends on the conditions set by the boosters. Some have a special feature (Pause/Resume) that will allow you to play anytime you feel like it after you purchased a boost. You’ll have to ask and make sure as not all boosters enable this option.

What game regions are supported? There are LoL boosts for North America, Eu West, EU East, Brazil, Oceania, Latin America North, Latin America South.

How can I be sure that boosters won’t steal my account? They don’t need accounts with low ranks. All boosters are in Diamond or Challenger leagues so they have better ranks than everyone who might need their services.

Can I talk to my booster? Yes, most sites offer you the chance to talk to the booster.

I just want someone to teach me how to play better, not to play on my account. Is there a solution? Yes, you can go for coaching sessions. There are special LoL coaches who are ready to meet your needs with their expertise and assistance. They’ll help you learn things that would normally take you hundreds of hours. All the instructors are Diamond or Challenger.

Can I talk to a representative before placing the order? Yes, most LoL boosting websites have a live chat option available. So you can contact them anytime and ask for more details regarding their particular services.

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