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Winner of the 2010 Unofficial Envato’s wallpaper Competition

It’s all about pixels. Envato.

Featured on Creattica

Available formats:

  • 2560×1440px
  • 1920×1200px
  • 1440×1900px
  • 1280×1024px
  • 1024×768px
  • 768×1024px (iPad)
  • 320×480px (iPhone)

Download them from deviantART.

Hi there!, you have reach the Fractma Design & New Media profile page on the Envato Network.

Welcome potential costumers and fans alike, the concept of Fractma Design and New Media was born on the year 2003 at Mexico City to be my online portfolio as a freelance web designer and flash developer.


For me, Internet is more than a place to gather information at boring brochures or plain templates, websites should catch user’s attention and stick them around looking for news and updates. My goal when I design and develop a new website is to create a web experiences that make the visitor not just want to stay at the website until he’s gotten whatever he came seeking, but making him want to continue and click every button around the interface, make him visit every corner.

Not only does this type of designs ensure that the user would be well-informed about your company, it also help for a great fist impression.

People tend to remember cool websites. :)


Adobe Flash CS3 and ActionScript 2.0: * * * * * * * *

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended: * * * * * *

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 , XHTML and CSS : * * * *

Xara Xtreme Pro: * * * * * * * *

Corel Photo Paint 9: * * * * *

Adobe Illustrator CS3 : * * * *

Newtek Lightwave 9.6: * * * * *

McNeel Rhinoceros 3D 4.0: * * *

ElisLabs ExpressionEngine CMS : * * * *

Fractma Support

Please feel free to contact me directly for support on any of my files, just remember to always use the message facility at the bottom of my user profile page so that I can confirm purchase history of the file before replying.

Any other questions or comments are very welcome at message facility on each file page.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy my files. Adios!

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