Hello World!

Let us introduce ourselves…

Our name is Greatives and we are a team of people sharing common ideas and interests. Each one of us has been involved with the Internet since its younger years.

Having acquired a strong passion for the WP through the Themeforest, we would like to create powerful and premium themes for both developers and end-users.



As we have been for a long time customers of Envato, we know at first-hand the meaning of the word support. So, it’s with a great pleasure that we offer you our premium support.

The scope of the support deals with more satisfied customers. We are willing to help you with anything around our HTML templates and WordPress Themes, but we cannot promise extensive support for every plugin and modification you need. So please be reasonable, nice & respectful.

We offer our support within 24hours! We do our best to reach your expectations and to spread our fresh philosophy, the Greatives philosophy.

We would greatly appreciate if you use our Support Forum for any modifications you need instead of the public comments.We’d be glad to help you. :)

Featured Items


After several months of work and mainly with the consideration of your amazing feedback, we present Blade. Blade is a straightforward multi-functional WordPress Theme in which Flexibility and Simplicity exist side-by-side. It is suitable for building every website project you have in mind, believe us! Blade is completely based on your feedback, thank you all for that and for your reviews. Enjoy it!



Osmosis is an unparalleled and effortless multi-functional WordPress Theme. It offers stand-out-from-the-pack options and superior aesthetics; become the designer you have always dreamt of and impress the world simply and smartly.Come on board for just $59!