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  • Adventure in the mountains

    Adventure in the mountains

    By gubernat

    Photographs taken during trips to the mountains. Here we find many beautiful panoramas and wonderful landscape of mountains and valleys. Pictures are from different seasons, as everyone will find something for themselves. There will be plenty of p...

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  • Agriculture


    By gubernat

    Photos related to agricultural cultivation and livestock farming.

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  • Flora: Collection of flowers, trees, fungi, lichens, etc.

    Flora: Collection of flowers, trees, fungi, lichens, etc.

    By gubernat

    flora, flower, flowers, color, green, blue, red, orange, violet, purple, trees, tree, fungi, lichens, algae, small, close-up, nature, natural, environment, meadow, forest, Polonina, fruits, leaves, fruiting bodies, stamens, pollen, lichenes, colou...

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  • Macro pictures of nature

    Macro pictures of nature

    By gubernat

    Macro pictures of insects and flowers in nature.

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  • Mountain Landscapes

    Mountain Landscapes

    By gubernat

    mountains, nature, environment, rock, tree, pine, spruce, shrubs, meadow, prairie, view, scenery, landscape, wallpaper, background, spring, summer, autumn, winter, tourism, trip, adventure, top, vacation, hill vegetation, color, color, forest, out...

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  • Mountain tourist facilities and mountaineer

    Mountain tourist facilities and mountaineer

    By gubernat

    Pictures equipment tourists on a background of mountains. Equipment used when hiking in the mountains by tourists and mountaineers.

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  • Rock climbing and mountaineering

    Rock climbing and mountaineering

    By gubernat

    People when climbing the rocks and mountains

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  • Texture


    By gubernat

    Images that can be used as a background when creating graphics and websites.

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