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Welcome to my page. I’m so glad you found it! Please take some time to browse through my portfolio.

While audio is a trade in which I have the most longevity, I’ve also studied web design, 2D and 3D animation/modeling, and video production, to name a few. I use this knowledge when crafting my audio tracks, knowing that at some point someone may be cutting video edits or animating to them. Above all, I want my songs to help tell your story. Whether you’re an animator in a design studio to the owner of a small business start up, it doesn’t matter what your position is, hopefully my music can help you bring your next project to life.

So why not start with checking out my portfolio?

Click the images below to check out some of my featured items. Check out some of my other great music by clicking on the images and links below.

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I Got That Feeling

Bright Future

Clap to the Bells

SUMMERTIME INCORPORATED (Happy Upbeat – Ukelele, Piano, Drums, Bass)

ON THE RUN (Indie Pop)

A CAREFREE DAY (Happy – Ukelele, Piano, Drums, Bass)

NOT A THING (Post-Modern R&B – Full vocal track)

  • Videohive authors: You are allowed and encouraged to use my music in your items! If you do, make sure to message me and send me a link to the item. Thanks!

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