Dodgerville Inc.

Dodgerville PHP / MySQL social network/blog

For a free economy, a new system, a global awakening.


Social networks are changing the world.
It seems like nowadays everyone has a Facebook account.
People are spending more and more time interacting with this social
networks to communicate with each other.
So why then is there a need for Dodgerville?
There is a need for an intentional social network to unite humans who are
working on the creation of a new world.
There is a need more than ever to redesign our current system/economy.
To do this we need great interaction with each other to share solutions that
work and discard does that not.
General social networks like Facebook are too general,
convoluted and distracting.
There is so much information about everything that many times important
information that could inspire a human being to start a change
can be easily lost.
Facebook also is based on a corporate system based on making money
by monitoring and profiling users personal information and pushing advertisement.
It is not the ideal platform for supporting a social evolution.
There are some intentional networks already out there, but none of them
focuses on creating a new alternative
- focuses on professionals based on an existing obsolete
money/greed system.
- good for creating events and meeting with people, but is
event oriented and it lacks the real time flow and spontaneity of a interactive
social network
. - Care2: focuses on fund raising and activist events..
not a real social network.


Dodgerville offers a solution.
It aims to do this through creating a virtual space (social network) for the
interaction and sharing of information and resources of conscious human
beings seeking a new alternative, and sharing a similar intention.
The creation of a new holistic system, a economy in harmony with the earth.


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