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I purchased this theme and I have to say it is AWESOME ! Luckykind is a fantastic individual to deal with…
– colinjamespattison (Tumbl News – Tumblr Theme Template)

If you are wondering if you should buy or not…. stop wondering… It’s a fabulous plug-in… easy to use…. and fabulous design/support. Thanks again Luckykind…
– jf (SocialPop: A Social Media Plugin for Wordpress)

“You rock man! Thanks for genuinely caring and continuing to support your product. You’re a real pro.”
– geidiprime (Tumbl News – Tumblr Theme Template)

Freaking sweet file man! I was looking for a similar plug in for some time now, and i got all those mheh mheh things… But this one is something else! I downloaded it, installed it and after 1 minute i had sexy looking buttons on my site.. how easy can life be?
– Massfocus (SocialPop: A Social Media Plugin for Wordpress)

“I’m sure I’ll be looking at more of your craft in the future because the support is hard to beat.”
– gsuchy (Major – Resume Template)

“thank you for your great support. It is devoted people like you that makes themeforest such a great place!”
– andy77 (Major – Resume Template)

“Great work! WoW awesome !!!”
– phil4 (Color My Way – Simple Portfolio Site Template)

“This is perfect. Professional, not overstated, great looking code, and easy to set up.”
– jkbowman (Major – Resume Template)

“Excelent landing page!! You should make more of that type…”
– kgriebl (Valentines Landing Page)

“EXCELLENT work! I love it…”
– HySerure (Color My Way – Simple Portfolio Site Template)

“I have been looking for something like this for a while now. I had been hesitant about moving over to Tumblr from WP and you are the solution.”
– bengillin – (Tumbl News – Tumblr Theme Template)


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