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The difference between mediocrity and excellence is attention to detail.

ELITE Author on GraphicRiver. An Internationally Awarded artist (Memorex design award 2000, Omma – Online Media Award 2009, D Show Award 2010).

Graphic/web/media design professional since 1998, constantly among Top Selling Authors (#5) On GraphicRiver, and a founder of SCARAB13 design, where you can download FREE Photoshop templates.

    My services are including (but not limited to):
  • Graphic design for print & web,
  • Website design & production,
  • Video editing & special effects & post production,
  • Flash animations, 3D rendering
  • Audio design, film & TV score, pop music
  • Traditional artwork – illustration, painting, drawing, graphics
Work includes (among many others): First official Chevy Camaro website, Ford websites and online media units, Ford Mustang Youtube takeover, MSN, Yahoo, Aol homepage takeovers (animated units), Awarded website, Awarded One Last Call movie, thousands of graphic designs for European and USA companies and clients, layout for several US and European magazines

My other art includes: 5 released CD’s, music available on iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Spotify etc., many music awards (including the title of the 2009 Hard Rock’s Ambassadors of Rock Winner), 2 published novels and many exhibitions of paintings and illustrations.

I still do some custom work, so please contact me to discuss your project. Also I am available to help you with your purchased templates, if not sure how to modify them.

See my official portfolio site – design/art/music HERE

WATCH MY PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL VIDEOS HERE and see how easy is to tweak my files in a minute.

Scarab13. The most versatile portfolio of print-ready items. [Contact me for quotes]

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