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I just wanted to say amazingly clean design. Amazing coding and comments. Let me know if you have a website or do any custom work.
ceromus, on Magamo

Works well with iContact as well. All of your email templates are phenomenal. Great job!
angelodrexel, on Magamo

The best email templates I have ever used. Highly recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing.
The modular structure of these files makes them an absolute dream to edit and customise
5 stars, 10/10 – Perfect!
quickandeasy, on Gocomo

These are WONDERFUL email templates, easy to modify, and highly cross-email-browser compatible. We used them for and had a very good response from our audience.
timventura, on Gocomo

I’d like to personally thank you for saving me with this template. I’ve been working on a email system which also means I need an email template to go with it. I’m highly advanced in HTML and CSS , but I’ve never had to do much with emails, so I tried my luck with tables to no use. Everything I tried looked terrible until I took on your template. Thanks again for the very clean markup!
cirkut, on Copro

Thank you for this very versatile and well made template… 5 stars!
I look forward to seeing your future works
irieman, on Minima

I purchased these and they work perfectly. They are easy to customize and well commented. Thanks!
caspara, on Minima

Hey Skah, this is a great email template package. Very well commented to make alterations very easy for anyone with basic html capabilities. The huge varieties of modules are fantastic. I had a customized proof ready to show my client in around an hour!
knife, on Minico


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