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Premium Customer Support

We provide a support for all of our customers in conformity with the rules of Envato Market / ThemeForest. We give you the guarantee of quality of our products, so we have a dedicated support team that will help you to resolve possible problems with our themes as soon as possible.

If you have an idea how to make our products better, please contact us! Best and popular ideas will be necessarily implemented in future releases, but, please note, than we do not provide Customization service as a part of support.

So, In which cases can I get support of theme that I’ve purchased?

If You found a bug, or any function does not work like on our demo, just open a ticket at our support system http://wplab.pro/.

Support requests are being processed on business days in the order they were received, from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM (UTC+2 time zone, Europe). Please note that your time zone may differ.

What is not included in the support?

Please do not abuse our support service in following cases:

  • if You need to install a theme. Use special services like Envato Studio for that.
  • if You need to change any part of theme (changes to Layout style / Site navigation / layout size / changes to colour scheme outside of the options available / etc.). This link may help you.
  • Please do not ask us general WordPress questions like “How to create menu”, “How to find a category slug” etc. You can find answers for these question simply by Googling (Do not underestimate this possibility! The probability that someone already interested in your general question is 99.9% ).

For individual customizations, consider to hire a freelancer who can help you to customize your theme with Your needs.

Best regards, WPlab team

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