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In the last two years the ‘premium’ themes market has exploded, giving talented web designers and developers a way to earn a steady stream of cash doing what they know and love!

At ThemeForest we provide a platform for you to sell your work without the hassles of getting traffic, processing payments, building a sales site, or any of the other challenges theme designers otherwise face.

That’s why hundreds of WordPress designers choose to sell with us. And boy, do they benefit! Our top seller takes home over $25,000 a month! Sure, not everyone is going to have the super talent that he has, but it just shows you how big selling WordPress themes can be!

We happen to think that this winter, while it’s chilly and drab outside, is the perfect time to start your WordPress theming career! So we’ve put together this little mini-site to highlight just what is possible with WordPress, ThemeForest and a little magic!

Becoming a ThemeForest author is easy and open to anyone with the skills and drive to give it a shot. Read on below to learn more about how you can make 2011 the year you become a WordPress tycoon, or start selling now!

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    I sell a huge number of products, including WordPress themes. My passion now lies in exclusively developing great themes for Themeforest. ....


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Here’s how to start selling with ThemeForest, it’s easy!

Learn WP

Don’t know much about WordPress theming yet? Well there’s no time like the present to learn! And happily there are lots and lots of great WordPress resources that’ll help you along:


Here are the answers to some common questions:

Do ThemeForest themes support the GPL?
Yes, all themes sold on ThemeForest must have the PHP code distributed under the GPL license BUT the design, images and CSS are not GPL. This gives you protection whilst also adhering to the spirit of sharing any WordPress development you do.
What % of each sale do I get?
Exclusive authors receive 50-70% of each sale depending on their previous sales volume. The more you sell the more you will earn!
Why wouldn’t I sell my own themes on my own site?
You most certainly could set up your own WordPress theme shop, but let’s face it - it’s a big hassle and getting traffic and marketing your work is a lot harder than it looks. That said, you should always think carefully and make the decision that best suits you. For our part we think you’ll find that selling with ThemeForest brings the benefits of selling without the drawbacks of trying to go it alone. Besides, where else will you find 500,000 potential buyers on tap?