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The 4 features that make a great church website

Creating and maintaining a good website is a great way to bring new people into your church, as well as keeping your current members up to date with everything that’s happening. You can use it to build a community and keep it alive and growing, to raise funds, and much more.

The church WordPress themes you’ll find in this collection are specifically designed for churches. What this means is that you won’t have to do as much customization as you would with a more general theme. In fact, a lot of the features you need will already be built in. This will be particularly helpful if you don’t have the time, or the skills, to get too much into customization. Let’s look at the key features you need to look for to kick off your new website with the right foot.

The 4 key features for a good church website

While every theme in this collection is unique, some features are common to all church WordPress themes because of their importance for this specific niche market.

  • Event calendars. Your church probably holds events all the time, and your website is the perfect place to show people what’s coming up. Sounds familiar? Great! Many themes have built-in event calendars, so that visitors can see at a glance all the events your church has organized in the coming weeks and months. On your end, you’ll be able to add events and update the calendars very easily, as the interface that allows you to do so is quite simple to use.
  • An online prayer wall is a lovely feature for any church website to have. It lets members of the community post prayer requests and pray for other members of the community. When a church theme has this feature built in, it gives you a head start on creating a feature that the members of your community will truly value.
  • Sermons. Some themes have special “sermon manager” features to make it easy for you to create sermons and then add them to the website in a searchable archive. You can even include images, audio and video easily. So you could record your sermon on the day you deliver it in church, and make it available online for those who couldn’t attend service, or for those who attended but want to listen to it again or share it with other people, or for anyone who would like to have more information about your church before joining it.
  • Fundraising and donations. Raising funds is essential for churches to maintain themselves and stay healthy, and having a donation feature on your website is a great way to supplement the funds received from the collection plate and other traditional methods. The payment systems that are built in these themes make it simple for you to accept and donations via PayPal or other payment gateways, and equally simple for your visitors to donate.

And there’s more. On top of all these specific features that are particularly good for churches, you’ll also get all the typical functionality you’d expect from any WordPress theme, such as:

  • The ability to create blog posts and pages;
  • A variety of different layout options;
  • Easily customizable styles and fonts;
  • Fully-detailed documentation to help you install, set up and customize the theme;
  • Support from the creators of the theme, who will help you with bug fixes, updates and any questions you may have.