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Email marketing is the most effective way to promote your services to a targeted list of subscribers, there is no doubt about it. It’s the one and only way of digital communication that still makes ourselves feel “special”.

Templates in this collection can be customized by help of a powerful email Template Builder. You can customize your favorite email template in just seconds from scratch, change colors, add text, create links, upload images and send them directly with any Email Sending Service that allows you to upload HTML files. We are here to change the way you send email campaigns.

A powerful online email template builder access,
to build your responsive email layouts easily!
No HTML knowledge needed! Just drag & drop!

Even though all of our templates are built with a user friendly structure, considering your personal experience on coding, you may not feel so comfortable with HTML editing while dealing with the code. If this is the case, you can actually benefit from an easy to use Template Builder that some of our templates present. All you have to do is to choose a template that fits to your project.The most easy way to understand the capabilities of the template builder is to see it in action. Please just click on one the thumbnails you see below to experience its practicality.

Our Email Template Builder Ready Templates!

The most user-friendly way to create your own custom email layouts!
There isn’t an easier way!

  1. FORTUNA – Responsive Email Template Builder
    Our “Admiral Ship”. Simply everything you can expect from a bulleptroof email template, from wedding invitations to ecommerce

  2. RESPONSIBLE – Responsive Email Template Builder
    Something very special as always, with price & eCommerce sections.

  3. METROSPECTIVE Modern Responsive Email With Builder
    A “metro” inspired flexible email template with 27 useful modules

  4. EMAILEMENT Call To Action Email Template with builder
    Specially designed to serve conversions, with eye-catchy modules. Presents 24 modules (building blocks) to create your layouts

  5. INVerator – Payment Receipt / INVOICE Email Template
    Simply the best way to send payment receipts / invoices via email.

  6. PUREXT – Pure Text Email Template
    Content is the Queen and The King. Text is what matters the most. If you have a text message, Purext is the way to make it elegant.

Imagination is the only limit.
You can create any layout you wish just in seconds by using modules (building blocks).

As you see, you can easily enjoy the practical nature of the template creator by using prebuilt modules, adding new instances of them (or deleting the ones you don’t want to use) and playing with almost any aspect of your next email campaign.

All of our templates are tested in extreme conditions

We care about “consistency” while we develop our templates. We test each one of them thoroughly as being a paid subscriber to Litmus’ wonderful email testing service ; and not only that , we also tend to see the results with our own eyes on our Android and IOS mobile devices to make everything on the right track from all of the Outook’s desktop versions to latest browsers. Overall, we test for 40+ inboxes to keep you on the safe side.

Please ask questions, we love them all

Please never hesitate to get in contact with us for any questions. Even though we care much about our files’ documentation (all of the support documents are created to serve beginners), we love to get messages from our fellow customers. Please ask questions whenever you wish, and we will do our best to help you in your special case. You’re in safe hands.

We breathe email, and we breathe it 24 hours a day

New to email templates and don’t know how to build your campaigns and send them?

Please don’t worry if this is the first time you’ll be starting to use an email template to send your campaigns to the masses. We care about our help files and documentation much. You’ll find anything you need to start your email marketing campaigns as StepByStep instructions.

Please get in contact with us from our
EMAIL ADDRESS for any questions.

We respond faster from EMAIL.
We love to help people, and we do it 7/24

Once you’ve downloaded any of the email templates you see on this collection, you’ll see 3 folders in its download package, all for your luxury.


Those are the templates you can use with the TemplateBuilder you see on LIVE PREVIEW. All you have to do is to open a completely FREE Account on , and upload the template that you’ll find in this folder. You can easily customize your layout and content by using the templateBuilder, and then easily export the HTML to your computer’s desktop. Then you can use any EmailSendingService (Mailchimp, CampaignMonitor etc.) to DIRECTLY Send your email.
  • If you’re using the template builder you see on LIVE PREVIEW, the exported template (that you’ve exported to your computer’s desktop) will not work on Mailchimp’s own template builder. Exported HTML Files can be only DIRECTLY SENT with Mailchimp or any other service who allows to upload HTML Files to directly send them.
  • Also , your customized templates can be found at TemplateBuilder’s Drafts tab, so you don’t have to create the same layout again and again. You can easily select them from Drafts folder to work with them again.
  • You can use the builder for FREE, without any charges.


Those for those who want to customize their templates in Mailchimp’s own template builder interface. Mailchimp’s own builder lets you easily update your content without touching any HTML code. Prebuilt Templates are included with different color variations, you can choose your favorite and upload to Mailchimp easily. Just letting you know, Mailchimp’s builder is not as userFriendly as the TemplateBuilder you see on LIVE PREVIEW.


Those are for those who like to deal with HTML code itself. Both Embedded and Inline CSS versions are included (Please remember that you don’t have to worry about Embedded CSS and Inline CSS if you’re going to use the version 1(Online Template Builder Access) or version 2(Mailchimp Template Builder Ready). Prebuilt Templates are included with different color variations.

Plus… “We Care”


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