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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening!

I am looking for someone who is able to take a blank HTML template, and make me 1 page.

The page will need to be constructed so that I can simply ‘drop’ items into place. By this, I mean, set aside a certain sized area that I can copy and paste YouTube embed code into, set aside another area that a separate file can be placed into (I was looking at this:, Set aside an area for adverts (standard google sizes). And so on.

I can give you a roughly drawn picture on photoshop of what it should look like, and you’ll make it work!

I know nothing about coding, so the more you’re able to do, the better. I think you’ll need to do things like CSS and menus also. I was going to just buy a theme from here, but none of them are quite what I need, and it’s probably cheaper for me to get one made from scratch.

I don’t have a budget limit, so if you are interested in this mini-project, reply here with an example of your current work, then we discuss Time Taken versus Hourly/Set Fee Cost.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

technically two pages… I need a landing screen also!